Monday, January 25, 2016

Happiness is harmony in the home

Constantly juggling work and family eats up a lot of time and energy. The hectic demands of the workplace can sometimes get in the way of bonding with your loved ones. Add the many household chores you need to accomplish and it can be a total chaos. Harmony at home should not be that hard to achieve. Thanks to technology, home solutions are readily available to help busy individuals finish daily chores easily and efficiently.

Midea, world’s largest producers of consumer appliances, brings appliances with technologies that help you achieve a harmonious home life. Partnered with Concepcion Industrial Corporation, Midea aims to reach the Filipino homes and provide happiness with the home innovations they are offering. With the benefits and practicality of Midea home appliances, Filipinos, especially young upgraders who are just starting out on their own can spend less time on chores and more time with their family.

One of the many domestic chores that most people find very time and energy-consuming is doing the laundry. Many opt to hand wash their clothes or go to the laundromat to take care of it but these have their cons. Frequent hand washing may not only result to damaged hands but also pains in the back. Taking your clothes to a quality laundry shop may prove to be more costly in the long run.

Midea Washing Machines are sure to keep the harmony flowing in your home. Equipped with a number of useful features, Midea Washing Machines make laundry days less-hassle. Wash your clothes by spending just 1php in electricity cost with its “Piso Wash” feature. Doing the laundry doesn’t have to take all day. With the “Quick Wash” feature of Midea Washing Machines, accomplish a laundry load in just 19 minutes. No need to press numerous buttons to activate the Midea Washing Machines; its “One Touch” feature lets you wash your clothes with just a press of a button.

Home chores should never get in the way of living our lives. By making home life more convenient, Midea gives you more time to spend with people who matter to you. It’s the Midea promise: harmony in the home to bring you happiness.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sante Barley goes Broadway

Sante Barley is about to kick off the new year with Salvo 2016: 8th Anniversary Celebration entitled "Exceed the Limits, Viva Sante!", an all-out Broadway-themed awards night.

On January 25, 4:00PM at the Le Pavilion Tent in Pasay City, Sante Barley will be opening doors to showcase and celebrate eight years of achievements from top distributors, rising stars and promising newbies.

Sante Barley is known for its wide array of premium quality, certified organic, barley-based products. Harvested from the Canterbury plains of New Zealand from an exclusive Sante farm in New Zealand, its barley grass is certified organic by Biogro.

The company’s products range from nutraceuticals for health concerns related to diabetes, cholesterol or heart disease; and health beverages and snacks for active working professionals; to bath and body and intimate care products for those who prefer natural, safe and effective options for the skin and body.

Sante Barley is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in the Philippines. Its mission of helping people live better lives will be showcased on January 25, when distributors from all over the country gather to share their testimonies of success with the company.

Celebrating the diversity of Sante Barley members and the different ways to motivate them, the company has a pay structure that meets short-term needs while helping distributors build residual income, or income that grows overtime once initial efforts have been started.

To know more about the company, its products, business plan or to avail of tickets for the event, please call +632-99-SANTE or +632-99-72683. Follow for the latest updates.