Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lactum 3+ and 6+ is now available in

Have you ever experience moments that no matter how you want to go out to shop or do the groceries, you just can't leave home or take a time out from the office? Or how about panicking because you only have a few scoops of milk left for your kid?

Parenting horror moments like these can now be avoided because online shopping site is now offering Lactum 3+ and 6+. Now, you can order in advance and pay either through cash on delivery or via credit card and be sure that your beloved sons and daughters will never go hungry again (I'm sure classic movie fans will get this).

Everyone knows how important milk is to children, right? As your child develops, he begins to have favorites, choosing what to eat and what not to eat. And because he's at that stage when he is most
curious about his surroundings, anything can distract him from his meal; his attention maybe grabbed by objects he nds more interesting than food. Sometimes, because of either of these, he won't even touch the food you serve, making you worry that he may not be getting all the nutrients he needs to be completely nourished.

Drinking milk can make your child 100% nourished. Try Lactum 3+ because it is formulated by Mead Johnson for children aged over 3 years old to 6 years old. It is made with the children's reference nutrient intake as guide, that's why it contains essential nutrients found in the food groups of the Food Pyramid. It also has Healthy-Nutri Blend of Lower Sucrose, Fiber and Healthy Calorie Blend** to help provide 100% nourishment in a healthier way. Giving your child 1 to 3 glasses of Lactum 3+ aday, combined with your child's usual diet, helps ensure that he meets his nutrient needs for 100% nourishment.

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