Monday, October 26, 2015

Premium HyC150 featured at Health and Wellness Fair 2015

Ms. Cory Quirino, health and wellness guru
Premium HyC150 participated in the recent Health and Wellness Fair 2015 at the Rockwell Tent together with other organic brands and food preparations. The event, organized by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. (ALKFI) together with G Stuff Inc., gathered over 70 beauty and wellness brands to showcase products that nourish the mind, heart and soul.

During the three-day fair, beauty and wellness guru Cory Quirino shared her secrets to looking, feeling and living young in an exclusive talk to guests mentioning the benefits of Premium HyC 150 for younger, healthier looking skin. Ms. Quirino said, “One can start a daily regimen at the age of 25 which is the age when we start to deplete our normal supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body.” Aside from constantly pampering oneself, she suggested having at least five meals during the day rather than the standard three full meals. She also taught breathing exercises to calm and relax the body.

ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. chairperson Gina Lopez (R) and Antonio Crisanto (L), general manager of BrightRay Enterprises.

An organic health supplement that is considered to be a secret weapon of women is Premium HyC150. It delays the signs of aging, as well as maintains smooth, supple and youthful looking skin. Manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd, its active ingredients of ubiquinol, hyaluronic acid and collagen that nourish and hydrate the skin, support the body’s tissues, and serve as a potent antioxidant. The combined action of these active ingredients not only helps women stay healthy and radiant, but also promotes a sense of positive well-being.

Premium HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide, as well on Lazada Philippines at

For more information, visit its website at; like its Facebook page; follow on Twitter @HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150; or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The fight against asthma starts at home with the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Asthma continues to be one of the most common chronic diseases in the Philippines. Almost 11 million Filipinos suffer from it, according to a report by the Asthma Insights and Reality in the Asia Pacific. It is also, sadly, the most common disease behind childhood morbidity.

Asthma, however, is a manageable disease. There are now a number of ways to reduce asthma attacks and strengthen one’s respiratory system, but one of the leading causes for its prevalence – indoor air pollution – may still be widely overlooked.

Indoor air pollution is serious, but it is not as seriously considered as outdoor air pollution. Perhaps it is because it is natural for us to feel safer at home. But unhealthy indoor air is a true barrier to proper asthma management. According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality contributes greatly to the development of chronic lung diseases like asthma.

So how do we manage indoor air pollution?

The key is to be more aware about what constitutes indoor air pollution. The most common pollutants indoor include airborne viruses and bacteria, molds, pet dander, pollen, and adhering odors. For such, adapting a more stringent hygiene is vital. However, even the cleanest household can still have poor indoor air. That is why any household can use an effective air purifier like Sharp’s Plasmacluster Air Purifier.

Plasmacluster Air Purifier is the perfect indoor air companion for asthmatics. Equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, which releases positive and negative ions that eliminate airborne viruses and allergens by up to 99%, it is also made more effective by True HEPA Filter, which captures 99.97% of common asthma triggers as tiny as 0.3 microns, so nothing can escape it. With a Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation, the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier has been proven effective in making indoor air safer and healthier to breathe.

Asthma may be a debilitating disease, but it can also be properly managed. Making your home safe for asthmatics, with the help of Plasmacluster Air Purifier from Sharp, is the first step.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Exciting Halloween surprises await at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Over the years, Halloween has shed its forbidding reputation and transformed into one of the most celebrated events of the year. It is that one time when ghost stories are welcomed, when spooking people can get you a bag of candies as a reward. In the Philippines, Halloween has become a favorite occasion of people of all ages.

The spookiest season of the year takes an exciting, family-oriented turn with Sky Ranch’s Halloween event, Chills and Thrills! Scary, funny, spooky, or magical, everyone is sure to find something enjoyable in this exciting pre-Halloween celebration hosted by one of Tagaytay’s most famous tourist destinations.

Exciting activities await parents and children alike on Sunday, October 18 at Sky Ranch Tagaytay. Everyone is encouraged to come in their best Halloween costumes and join the interactive trick-or-treat prepared by some of Sky Ranch’s partners.

The pre-Halloween event promises a day filled with fun, games, and food with just the perfect twist of spook! Marching bands and a majestic fireworks display will open and close the day.
Kids will definitely enjoy participating in these exciting games “Pop goes the pumpkin” sponsored by Kenny Rogers Roasters; “Hotdog eating contest” by Dogs in D’ Ranch; and “Pin the Wart on the Witch” by Krispy Kreme.

Go all out and join the Scary, Funny, Spooky, and Magical costume categories and get a shot at bagging the grand prize of the day. Of course, everyone can also enjoy the 19 heart-pounding rides and picturesque view only Sky Ranch can offer.

The park opens at 8 AM, with an entrance fee of Php80 per head. Kids 3ft and below are free of entrance. Registration for the Halloween costume contest starts at 10 AM, with the Trick of Treat Parade starting at 11am.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is a 5.5-hectare development by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. under Commercial Properties Group and Family Entertainment Center, Inc, (FECI). From Manila, Sky Ranch is accessible through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) exit to Santa Rosa, Laguna. From there, coast along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Rd. up to Tagaytay’s famous hills and landscapes.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM during weekdays and 8 AM to 10 PM during weekends.

For more information about Sky Ranch Tagaytay, visit its Facebook page (, Twitter and Instagram (@SkyRanchPHL) or reach them through phone (8570100 loc 1450) or email at

About SM Prime:
SM Prime Holdings, Inc. is the property arm of the SM Group of Companies, which has major business interests in banking and retail sectors apart from property segment. SM Prime has developed key establishments in the residential, office, hotels and other leisure-oriented projects.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Be scar less and flawless with Vine’s CO2 laser

Scarring is part of the body’s healing process but scars need not stay on your skin forever. The same goes with skin hyperpigmentation. But through innovative solutions discovered by dermatologists, many patients are now faced with several alternatives on how to improve their skin condition.

One of the latest methods out there is the fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment. According to Dr. Emehly Sevilla of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, both young and old may undergo the treatment.  In fact, her youngest patient was seven years old. Indications of the CO2 laser treatment include deep scars, big pores, stretch marks, fine lines, and skin conditions like syringomas, milias, warts, keloids, melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation in the face, underarm, under butt, knees, elbows, fingers and toes. It can also treat dark lines and ‘chicken skin’ on underarms.

Aside from erasing marks and blemishes, it is also a good anti-aging tool and can be done along with other treatments. Vine’s extensive and simple programs work in synergy for optimum effect. Dr. Sevilla said she erases wrinkles with fractional carbon dioxide laser and proceeds with the Botox procedure.

“If the patients do not have skin problems but want to tighten their pores, wants to have skin rejuvenation and remove fine lines, fractional carbon dioxide laser can do that. It’s a good maintenance as well. Even some 25-year olds already have mini-lines on their forehead because of the lifestyle today, so this treatment is the answer,” said Dr. Sevilla.

In the past, doctors only based their evaluation on the visual and history of the patient (background of what really happened) to know how deep the problem is. With the new fractional carbon dioxide laser machine, its skin analyzer can accurately assess the skin problem and recommend the ideal operation. It can tell if the skin is moist or dry and will set itself to the safest setting that the patient needs. However, Dr. Sevilla said that the new machine can also be set manually if the doctor wishes to.

"If you overset the treatment for a certain problem because you’re only visually only looking at it, it may cause inflammatory hyperpigmentation that will leave dark marks,” noted Sevilla.

The advantage of fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment is that it is measurable, precise and safe. “The problem with peels is that you cannot control its absorption. There are patients where you put this percentage and they would absorb and peel so much, but if you apply the same percentage to other patients who have thicker skin, they won’t peel that much,” explained Dr. Sevilla.

Furthermore, she said that with needling procedures, doctors can only base on the visuals and history taking so it may not be precise.

For safety, the doctor, nurse and patient wear goggles during the whole procedure which usually lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. If the area to be treated is near the eyes, they use micropore tape so that the eyes remain closed.

“Laser is okay with treating eye bag area but for safety reasons, we don’t recommend treating on the upper eyelid (on top of eyeballs) even if the depth can be controlled,” remarked Dr. Sevilla.

Before the procedure, anesthesia cream is applied on the skin. It takes 30 minutes to numb the face and one hour for extremities. A slight discomfort may be felt on the first session. But none of that will happen in the succeeding sessions, said Dr. Sevilla. She explained that the tip of the machine emits air and distracts the patient from any possible pain.

The procedure will leave the patient with pinkish skin. To go back to their daily activities, patients need to undergo cryoporation before leaving the center to close the pores, relax the skin and infuse more serum. Post laser cream is given to enhance cell repair.

After getting the laser treatment, avoid eating chicken, seafood and eggs. Do not wash the face or put on makeup for at least 12 hours after the treatment but sunblock lotion can be used as long as the skin has already absorbed the serum. Patients can come back for another session as early as two weeks but normal protocol is a month.

However, not everyone can just go and get the procedure. Contraindications include chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, allergies, fungal infection, eczema, rashes, measles and chicken pox. “Treat the skin problem first before doing the laser. But if the area to be treated is far a
way from area with disease, laser can be done,” related Dr. Sevilla.

Vine Aesthetics is located at Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, Grand Hamptons Tower II, 1st Ave. cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, call tel. nos. 09178590642, 217-2687, 843-3023, email or visit

Friday, October 2, 2015

Emily Abrera: Passion beyond recognition

Advertising legend Emily Abrera, Chairman Emeritus of McCann Erickson Philippines.
The Agora Awards, hosted by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), ushers its 36th anniversary through a showcase of another breakthrough in the marketing industry—The Agora Circle Conference. To be held this coming October 21 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, the gathering will feature former winners of the reputable Agora Awards. The assembly is set to be another inspirational and educational session, with the past winners sharing first-hand stories on how they developed their winning marketing strategies.

Agora BEST Talks chairman Donald Lim shares that the PMA decided to revive this initiative as an inspiration for marketing professionals and students. He says, “This year, we decided to revive it, because we saw that people are really looking for avenues to learn more about marketing, its trends and innovations. They really wanted to get in touch with new marketing tips.”

This year’s Agora Circle Conference follows the theme “Fifty Shades of Marketing Darker” and takes off from PMA’s “Fifty Shades of Marketing” held last July.

The conference will be open to members of the academe, industry professionals, and students. Speakers will be discussing topics that are of interest to the local marketing industry such as topics on branding, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and technology.

One of the speakers to be featured at the Agora Circle Conference is advertising legend Emily Abrera, who received the Agora Award for Marketing Management in 1995.

Abrera, who is chairman emeritus of McCann Erickson Philippines, quipped that the Agora award she bagged was totally unexpected.

“It was a nice thing to have at that time. Years later though, you discover that an award is simply a recognition of something you’ve done at a certain point in time.”

She elaborates, “What you do with people, talents and skills, and what you do later on after you have left the field you were comfortable in, I think, is a greater measure of how well you have used your knowledge.”

Abrera joined McCann-Erickson Philippines as creative group head in 1978, and became executive creative director in 1981. In January 1992, she was named president/chief executive officer of McCann-Erickson Philippines, acknowledged as the leading advertising agency in the Philippines since 1987. In January 1999, she assumed the chairmanship of McCann-Erickson Philippines.

Under her leadership, McCann rose to prominence for its creative products, social awareness programs, and business success. She is among the few creative talents who have held top agency position, as highlighted in August 2002 at the Ad Summit by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies-Philippines, where she was honored as one of the “25 Mavericks in Philippine Advertising.”

Although she has since retired from the advertising business, Abrera is involved with Foundation for Communication Initiatives Inc. (FOCI), a non-profit advocacy and development communications group.

With success after success under her belt, one would think Abrera knows the industry like the back of her hand. When asked about the advice she has for newbies, however, the advertising legend gave simple, heartfelt words.

“Follow your passion. That was how it was for me so it never felt like work. It continues to be my passion today.”

She closes, “I manage to use what I’ve learned and what I know for something good, something that could benefit a greater number of people. We’re happy when we can do that.”

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