Monday, January 26, 2015

Fish Be With You

After a sinful season of merry eating, it's back to the drawing board again on how to get fit and healthy. To those who are looking for a healthy and yummy food, I say to you, "Fish be with you!"

Last holiday season, I discover Fisher Farms’ Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus. I found out that it was specially concocted by renowned celebrity chef Reggie Aspiras, assuring homemakers of a choice product that is fit to be served in any fine dining establishment.

It comes in three sizes to suit your needs: 800 grams, 1.1 kilos, and 1.3 kilos. A whole fish could easily feed a party of 12 diners, depending on the size of relleno you choose. The whole bangus is stuffed with a savory filling of fish, sweet potato, bangus belly and shrimp. Of course, I choose to get the biggest one and oh boy, it was the instant center of attraction on our dinning table.

Other delicious products from Fisher Farms, which I personally tried are Bangus Lemon Butter; Fish Hungarian Sausage; Garlic Fish Longaniza; Fish Nuggets; Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic; and my husband's favorite Smoked Deboned Milkfish.

Just to show you that healthy food can still look good, I challenged my husband to prepare our dinner last night and he did impressed me. He could have cooked it via oven or microwave but he choose to fry it so he can make it a little crispier.

Fisher Farms grows its milkfish in the pristine seawaters of Pangasinan in fish cages for a sweeter, more flavorful, firmer and cleaner fish. Only high protein feeds are given to farmed fish to produce high-quality fish meat. Fisher Farms’ Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus,  Smoked Deboned Milkfish and other tasty products are available in leading supermarkets in Metro Manila and around the country.  

For more details about Fisher Farms, go to and visit their Facebook ( and Twitter accounts for updates.

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