Thursday, December 18, 2014

Midea makes your kitchen your favorite place this Christmas

Almost all homemakers recognize that their kitchen is the one place where they will stay the most this Christmas.  Regardless of whether they are fulltime mothers or working ladies who spend time in an office eight hours a day, they still have the last say on the kind of cuisine that will be laid on the breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner table.

The tension increases especially during the holidays, given the many meals they have to prepare, the many visitors they have to entertain, and the delicacies they might want to bake themselves and give away as special gifts.

Thanks to Midea, the global brand and the largest producer of consumer appliances. Holidays and all that works that goes in the kitchen can be fun. Homemakers will find that the Midea’s microwave and induction cooker are invaluable instruments in whipping up those traditional, favorite dishes preferred by their loved ones.

Midea’s microwave oven can warm up ingredients or a frozen dish in just 90 seconds.  It can prepare easy-to-cook recipes in that same amount of time. Christmas ham can be sliced and cooked in less than two minutes, prepared just in time for the noche buena and as soon as the kids come home from their caroling and partying. Other mouth-watering meat which the family loves, such as hotdogs and bacon, can come out crispier, making each bite of them memorable.

Guilty pleasures such as pork contain less than ten percent of their original fat; cooking them using traditional frying would have left the fat intact. This reduced amount of fat makes the food a bit more nutritious than normal, making this Christmas dining experience almost guiltless.

Midea’s induction cooker also provides a quick turnaround when it comes to cooking.  The time spent in cooking dishes by using an electric stove is reduced by 25 percent. This appliance has a heating adjustment option that allows for more precise cooking; the homemaker can observe the degree of heat that is being applied to the food and accordingly adjust if she has to lessen or increase the temperature.

All of Midea’s kitchen appliances have been designed to help the homemaker, the food buff, and the kitchen aficionado come up with their favorite dishes quickly, with the least amount of difficulty, but with a larger share of the nutrients and the delightful taste intact.   Homemakers using these appliances just might find that this Christmas, their usual cooking tasks have been transformed into a culinary adventure – and instead of dreading the time that they go to the kitchen, they just might look forward in staying in it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hydrating Healthily in Life 24/7

It is already a fact that we need water every day to keep our bodies healthy, functioning well and strong enough to withstand sickness. Yet we still go for drinks that quench our thirst and at the same time are flavorful and enjoyable to drink – juices and carbonated drinks are the usual suspects. They do taste good and give us some added nutrients; however, it is probable that some of them have chemicals that will not be as healthy as some minerals that are needed by the body.

Fortunately, Pocari Sweat, a health hydration drink by Otsuka Philippines Pharmaceutical Inc., brings hydration to a healthier but enjoyable level. Pocari Sweat is highly recommended to those who arein need of immediate hydration, most especially those who have an active lifestyle and those who suffer from dehydration because of illness.

Pocari Sweat has a refreshing mild taste, even best when it’s cold, you won’t need another beverage to wash off a strong taste and flavor from your usual drink. Yet, children as young as one year old can safely drink it. It does not have artificial coloring, no preservatives, no caffeine, and no artificial sweetener, which then makes it safe for anyone who needs immediate hydration.

Especially now during these months when “ber-month” celebrations are close at hand, numerous parties will be held with family, friends, and co-workers from before the Christmas season until the New Year.Alcohol will definitely flow and other fun activities will get you into that party mood that lasts up until the sun rises.

Those who love to go on a night out after work can get over hangover easily just by drinking Pocari Sweat before they turn in after their night cap. There is no fun in having those head-cracking hangovers.When we drink alcoholic drinks like beer and cocktail, we get dehydrated easily because we tend to do a lot of restroom breaks.

Alcohol also drains the electrolytes that our bodies need to function that is why when we get drunk, we sometimes can’t get a hold of ourselves. Coffee and some warm soup may give us some relief for a time, but still, the best way to battle hangover is to replenish our body with enough electrolytes – something that a bottle of Pocari Sweat can give.

Pocari Sweat comes in 330ml can (Php 24.00), 350ml PET bottle (Php 24.00), 500ml PET bottle (Php 35.00), 2L PET bottle (Php 125.00). Pocari Sweat is available in major chain drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Haute Hair for the Holidays

Looking for s perfect gift for your loved ones? How about great-looking hair courtesy of Syoss hair products

Christmas is a great time for merrymaking, but then it can also be a terrible season for stress. Work may greatly increase as the holidays approach; add to that a heavy rotation of parties, intense decision-making on what gifts to buy and frantic scheduling for gatherings.

All these frenzied activities may take a toll on your appearance, especially your hair. Your mane may tend to misbehave at this point, just when you’re about to attend one party after another. But don’t stress yourself out, as the acclaimed Japanese hair-care brand, SYOSS, gives you the haute coiffure pampering these holidays. 

SYOSS offers professional hair care, styling and coloration that provide a wide range of benefits and solutions to help turn dreaded bad-hair days to experiencing great salon-beautiful hair every day. Isn’t that what every woman wants and desires?

Through its wide range of high-performing products that address the most common hair dilemmas of women in more than 50 countries, SYOSS stays true to its brand philosophy of helping them achieve professional hair care at an affordable price.

SYOSS contains a specially formulated hair-care technology called “Pro-Cellium Keratin,” which was developed by top Japanese hairdressers to provide treatment for damaged hair by penetrating hair strands and reconstructing them from the inside.

SYOSS lets you look sensational, as its shampoos and conditioners come in three variants: Repair Therapy, Moisture Intensive Care and Anti-Dandruff Control. Repair Therapy is designed to repair heavily damaged, stressed, colored or permed hair. Moisture Intensive Care is formulated to moisturize dry, frizzy and brittle hair. Anti-Dandruff Control contains Zinc Pyrithione, which fights dandruff from the first application while providing smoothness to the hair.

SYOSS also has a hair coloration range that provides perfect gray coverage with long-lasting and intensely vibrant colors. Women can choose among eight shades: Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Mocha, Medium Brown, Dark Ruby Red, Medium Ash Blonde and Extra Light Ash Brown.  

No hairstyle is perfect for the holidays without a styling product’s final touch! The SYOSS hair styling products make it easy to achieve professional-looking hairstyles without going to the salon. Curl Control whip and cream give defined, long-lasting curls, full of perfect bounce and smoothness while Strong Hold wax provides mega-strong hold to achieve individual looks easily.    

SYOSS also introduces a revolutionary new range, the Oleo Intense, which is an oil-infused salon-quality range for 100% intensive nourishment and color intensity. It comes in shampoos, conditioners and hair coloration products. The shampoo and conditioner, when used together, nurture your hair with precious oil that results to opulent shine and suppleness. On the other hand, the pure oil in Oleo Intense hair color intensifies the coloring action, delivering a higher amount of pigments, deeper into the hair cortex and maximizing the color efficiency. 

Avoid the Christmas rush and let SYOSS make you look sensational this season. Find it at all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide.

About Henkel
Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care, and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 47,000 people and reported sales of 15,605 million euros and adjusted operating profit of 2,029 million euros in fiscal 2011. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sharp’s air conditioning technologies make cool air safe and clean

Model: AH-AP18KHL

If you get allergies when you are in an air-conditioned environment or need an upgrade with your air-conditioning unit, go for a model that not only cools the air but also gets rid of harmful bacteria.

A lot of airborne—and potentially dangerous—viruses, allergens, and bacteria are present in our environment today, making necessary protection from the health risks they bring, especially to our kids.

Today, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation has air conditioners bring not only cool but also clean air to homes, offices, and any type of establishment on any given day and weather. Its impressive line of air conditioning products offers enhanced and “healthier” cooling efficiency compared to other brands in the market today.

What sets Sharp air conditioners apart from other brands today is the air purification system called Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology, a technologically advanced airflow filtration system that helps free the air from dangerous airborne threats. This helps produce cleaner and fresher air that’s 99 percent free from airborne threats – clean and safe air, inspired by nature, indeed.

The PCI technology involves the generation of an electrical discharge that helps make and releases positive and negative ions into the air. These positively and negatively charged ions, similar to the ones found in nature, go after airborne bacteria and viruses, attach themselves to them to form highly oxidizing radicals, then finally draw out hydrogen, effectively breaking down the protein’s membrane to make them inactive. These hydrogen and oxygen radicals then combine with hydrogen and return to the atmosphere as water.

Dust, pollen, and other forms of air contaminants are also some of Sharp air conditioners’ targets. The charged ions neutralize static electricity to help prevent these contaminants—even odors—from sticking to walls and fabrics for easy collection and filtering. Because PCI technology mimics how nature cleanses the air around, it allows us to breathe fresh and clean air that is safe and chemical-free. This makes PCI air conditioning units ahead of others in the market.

A lot of people, especially in enclosed, air-conditioned rooms, will be happy to note that Sharp air conditioners are effective in protecting the home and the family, the workplace, and other establishments like airports, museums, and other public places, from unhealthy air.

Besides PCI technology, Sharp air conditioners are also equipped with Powerful Jet Stream Technology which makes everyone in the room feel cool, regardless of where they are located.

The Powerful Jet Stream Technology has a strong and direct airflow that instantly cools the body and the room 30 percent faster than the conventional split-type air conditioners. The Coanda Technology, on the other hand, throws cool air through a soft, indirect airflow from far distances to provide soothing coolness to the room, which works best for babies and sometimes the elderly. Finally, the Inverter Technology enables faster and quicker cooling, reduces start-up time, and promises effective energy operation by avoiding the cycling of compressor. The process also helps you avoid power surges, thereby saving you energy and more money.

All these technologies designed to make the customer’s life more comfortable are available in each Sharp Deluxe Split-Type Air Conditioner, as part of the company’s “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy; this is a commitment to uplift the quality of life of Filipinos by providing them with exceptional home appliance products – no frills, no fuss, just simple engineering marvels for you and your family.
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