Monday, June 23, 2014

Easy Carbonara Recipe with Clara Ole Pasta Sauce

I am a pasta lover.

That's why every time I do my groceries every week, I see you it that I have at least half kilo of pasta or spaghetti noodles in my cart. Of course, I will not forget at least two pouches of sauce to go with it. 

Recently, I heard of some new products from Clara Ole and they called it "Quality Cream-based” sauces—Carbonara Pasta Sauce, Béchamel White Sauce, and Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce. Luckily, it's already available in the market.

I was craving for Carbonara so I did try to use Clara Ole's new offering and see how it taste like. Click HERE to know more about the new products.

a. 450 grams of spaghetti noodles
b. Two (2) pouches of Clara Ole Carbonara pasta sauce (200 grams)
c. One (1) can condensed milk 
d. Two (2) small cans of Tuna Flakes in vegetable oil
e. 250 grams bacon
f. butter

How to cook:
a. Pour the packs of pasta into a pot of boiling water then set aside.
b. Cut bacon into small square pieces. .
c. Drain the cans of tuna flakes.

Preparing the Carbonara Sauce
a. In a pan, melt enough butter to saute bacon until golden brown
b. Pour in the drained tuna flakes
c. Mix in the Clara Ole carbonara sauce and simmer
d. Add some condensed milk enough the way you like the sweetness

a. Prepare pasta in a big bowl
b. Pour in the cooked carbonara sauce and mix with the spaghetti noodles
c. Add grated cheese
d. Garnish with ground basil leaves (optional)

And here's a plate of delicious Carbonara that I made. Try it and please share your other ideas by commenting in this post.

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