Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gatsby: A unique hygiene and grooming product for Men

GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents)
GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents) - See more at:
GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents) - See more at:
Girl, your man might wanna try this great products to keep them feeling fresh even during super busy days.

Gatsby, the flagship brand of Mandom Corporation, now introduces the latest in personal care for men.

Personified by Brazilian-Japanese model-actor and brand endorser Daniel Matsunaga, GATSBY DEODORANT AQUA is a unique hygiene and grooming product that’s the perfect choice for men with active lifestyles. Gatsby Deo-Aqua has a subtle, long-lasting fragrance and double deodorant protection.

(L to R: Brand endorser, model-actor Daniel Matsunaga, Ms. Aimee Pernia, and Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka during the Gatsby Deo-Aqua Product Launch)

Perfect for hot, tropical climates, the sweat and oil absorbing powder of Deo-Aqua keeps the skin cool and free from the sticky, sweaty feeling for long time. Its active ingredients Triclosan and o-Cymen-5-OL protect the skin from bacteria buildup and reduces body odor.

The formal launch, graced by officials from Mandom Philippines Corporation, Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka President and CEO and Ms. Aimee Pernia Watsons Senior Category Manager – Hair and Men’s was held before an exclusive audience from the print, online and broadcast media.

Mandom Corp was established in December 1927 and has, over the years, become a reputable cosmetic brand in Japan by providing the best quality products to the public. Locally, the company is known for its bestselling hair care and cosmetic line.

GATSBY Deo-Aqua is exclusively available in the Philippines at all Watsons Personal Care stores.

Friday, September 13, 2013

OFF THE GRILL: A decade of Great Entertainment, Good Food, Good Service

What started out in 2003, as a sheer idea of having a homey, garden set-up where you can just serve good food, and have live bands playing in the background is now celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

Over the years, Boojie, Operations Manager for OFF THE GRILL, is humbled with the kind of following this resto bar has created, “Looking back, we never thought this will hit the market. We were just a group of friends who wanted to have a place where everything is cool- music, ambiance, food.  I guess it’s that kind of “experience” that has brought us to where we are now. And of which the people or the public comes back for- the OFF THE GRILL experience.”

Located at 69 Timog Street, Quezon City, OFF THE GRILL is known for its live entertainment, great ambiance, excellent food. “As you can see from our logo, the three frogs has one holding a bottle of beer; one holding a microphone and the other, holding a fried chicken. This is translated to our kind of service;  great drinks, live entertainment and good food, respectively.” When we asked why the frog icon for OFF THE GRILL? Boojie says “ well frogs, because of their unique sound, can definitely attract people. Frogs bring in good luck.”

Grilled Squid

Crispy Pata
OFF THE GRILL had lots of changes. Changed for the better of course. They have their new menu all set and the all time favourite dishes are still consistently delicious. Special mentions are the Grilled Squid (grilled just right), Spicy Sashimi, Pork Sisig, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings and the Bulalo Steak that's just perfect with a bucket of Ice Cold Beer.  Prices on their menu are reasonable enough.

They do have huge events place. The place has cool air even without aircon. Nights were dim as usual and jampacked with cool people. Really entertaining. Nightlife as it is! 

OFF THE GRILL is also one of the pioneers in having live bands and acoustics. In fact, OFF THE GRILL is home to some of the country’s award winning musical artists.

“We are proud to say that some of our country’s top performers in the music industry started their stints here in OFF THE GRILL,” shares Boojie, “the likes of Side A, Freestyle, Paolo Santos, UrbanNation, Richard Poon.  And they are still very much part of OFF THE GRILL.” Through the years, guest  performances from MYMP, K24-7, True Faith, Mocha Girls, South Border, Brownman Revival, Princess Velasco, First Five, Duncan, Jimmy Bondoc and Saia continues to add glitter to this one-of-a-kind OFF THE GRILL nightlife experience!

One of the highlights of the 10th anniversary celebration is giving recognition to these artists. And this is all happening on all Tuesdays of September, OFF THE GRILL’s anniversary month.

Side A band

Mocha Girls
For the VIPs, have it your OFF THE GRILL way on September 3 and 24.  Followed by a “Media Launch” on September 10, at 5:00 to 7:00 pm. “Supplier’s Night” is scheduled on September 17, while a reunion of sorts for all VIPs and former employees is happening on October 1.  Expect a lot of fun, entertainment, prizes and surprises on all Tuesdays of September at OFF THE GRILL, Timog, Quezon City.

Apart from their main location in Timog, Quezon City, OFF THE GRILL also has an outlet at Brick Road, Sta. Lucia,. 

For its 10th anniversary celebration, a lot is in store for OFF THE GRILL.

“This year, we would like to spread some more, targeting to have 5 more branches.  South-based. So that more and more people can get to share the OFF THE GRILL experience. On the business side, which is our next big step, is opening our prospects  for franchising.”

A place with great sounds, good food, good service. The place is called OFF THE GRILL!

Sharing this milestone, Boojie  is grateful to the public and their business partners, “We would like to thank the public for their continuous support to OFF THE GRILL;  our suppliers, business partners. We would not have gotten this far without them. And we look forward for more fun, exciting years ahead!”

Let us celebrate a decade of Great Entertainment, Good Food, Good Service!

Check out  OFF THE GRILL at 69 Timog Ave. Corner Scout Torillo, Timog Quezon City, Tel. no 4269773; or at Brick Road, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Tel. no.  5717531.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smart Concept for Smart Consumers

With the idea of having more Filipinos earn a decent livelihood amid a strong yet still largely volatile local economy and rising unemployment numbers, SmartConcept, Inc., one of the country’s fast-rising direct advertising and marketing companies, launched today a marketing program that hopefully will bring good news to many Filipinos who are unemployed or even those who want to supplement their income.

Called “Affiliate Marketing Program,” this performance-based marketing system allows its members, called “affiliates,” to be equitably rewarded for each retail or even online customer they can recruit.

The general idea is to promote a long-term business relationship between the four core players within the system such as SmartConcept itself, which is the marketing company, the “merchant” or the product or service provider, otherwise known as the “retailer,” plus the “affiliate” or independent distributor and finally the “customer” or the client or actual consumer of the products and services.

Smart Concept, Inc., established back in 2008, introduced to the market the SmartConcept Discount Catalogues or “Loyalty Coupons,” which offer discount benefits through its partner-merchants that include Restaurants, Fastfood Chains, Salons, Spas, Health and Fitness centers, Amusement and Entertainment establishments, Car Care Centers, Medical and Dental Clinics, among others.

Through the “Discount Catalogues,” more people are also able to experience these prestigious brands and essentially helped drive consumption and elevate these SmartConcept partner-merchants’ brand status to a higher level.

 “The real essence of this system is that aside from Filipinos patronizing products and services of SmartConcept merchant partners, those who will join can also invite others to become members and be part of a growing community. Together with their recruits, they can both enjoy exciting rewards and economic benefits they have never experienced before,” explains Minerva “Minnie” Tun, Chief Operating Officer of SmartConcept, Inc. during the launch.

There are at least 3 ways to earn incentives under the SmartConcept Affiliate Marketing Program, the so-called “3 Rs”: Retail, Referral and Rebate. “Retail” incentives include a 25% discount for every Loyalty Coupon purchased by a customer. “It is easy to earn through this because you can easily share or sell the coupon to family, neighbors, your friends, officemates or just about any other person you can meet on the street,” explains Ms. Tun.

As for “Referral,” which is more recruitment-based, it means the higher number of “affiliates” a person refers, the higher the referral bonus and members can refer an unlimited number of prospects. As for “Rebate,” incentives come in the form of “Personal Sales Rebate” where the higher the rank, the higher the personal sales rebate, and for “Group Sales Rebate,” the more members referred and supported, the bigger the rebate. Also, the more coupons sold, the higher the benefits.

Other sales rebates included in the program are “Leader’s Sales Rebate” and the “Diamond Manager Royalty Income,” wherein the more managers developed and supported, the bigger the royalty income.

“Above everything else, this is just a small step in our objective of helping our current and prospective partner companies drive sales for their product or service through an innovative and dynamic marketing system. We hope to be able to expand this system and eventually help provide excellent opportunities to many Filipinos to be more financially self-sufficient and be more successful entrepreneurs in the direct marketing business sphere,” adds Ms. Tun.

SmartConcept was formed with the objective of becoming the first and largest, fully Filipino-owned direct advertising and marketing firm in the Philippines. Its personnel has more than a decade’s wealth of experience and expertise, and has offices in Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Cebu City and Davao City. For details about SmartConcept, Inc., call (+02) 470-1554 or (02) 470-1556; (+63)917-5369591, (+63)918-9653743 or (+63)922-8106203, or email or visit

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ayala Malls brings Gwiyomi craze to Manila

To kick off the holiday season, Ayala Malls has prepared exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy! Starting off the energetic and vibrant vibe of the festive season is a performance from South Korean singer, Hari, who is known for the “Gwiyomi Song”. 

Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi, a Korean slang used in reference to a cute person, quickly went viral since its released on February this year. But what exactly is the Gwiyomi song about? The cutesy song is about a Korean girl’s proclamation of love for her boyfriend and how she endearingly wants him to promise that they will always stay together. 

Inspired by series of cute hand movements involving the counting of numbers, the song’s sweet and catchy tune was indeed a viral phenomenon as it received an overwhelming response from netizens and K-pop fans. In Youtube, Hari’s video has already reached millions of views with more and more people uploading their own version. The dance craze has caught on countries like Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and even in the Philippines. Some local celebrities who did their own take of the Gwiyomi song are celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao, Jasmine Curtis, Enrique Gil, Kathryn Bernardo  and teen actress Ella Cruz. 

Catch Hari in your favorite Ayala Malls as she performs live on September 6, 6:30 PM at the new Glorietta Activity Center; September 7, 6:30 PM at Marquee Activity Center; and September 8, 7:00 PM at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces. Hari will also have a meet and greet session on September 6, 1:00 PM at Trinoma Cinema Lobby.

Indeed, Ayala Malls continues to bring world-class talents to provide its shoppers not only the finest retail and dining experience but truly the best family entertainment as well.