Thursday, April 4, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost

I used to hate running.

Well, not really running but more on what it sometimes implies like dashing to avoid being late for work, cramming to a school exam or rushing to get a gift for an almost forgotten anniversary. Besides, my feet are more accustomed in high heels than sneakers since I embraced the corporate world more than 10 years ago fresh out of college.

It was only recently that I got interested to join fun runs. After numerous attempts and persuasions by my husband, I finally gave in. Actually the very reason why I agree to join him is to just stop him from his redundancies: "Takbo tayo?" "Sama ka sa amin?" "Tara let's run."

Honestly, as much as I wanted to join him in all his runs, I have this fear in me that I might not even last a kilometer simply because I am not the athletic type, I don't watch ball games and stuff and the only sports that I think I can excel at is the game of chess.

But to my surprise, I was able to conquer my first-ever run in just a little over 30 minutes. Woohoo! Okay, it's just 3K. This is of course with the help of the "magical" words of encouragement from you know who.

After that run, I am looking to accomplish the unthinkable and unimaginable: a 5-kilometer run. By my standard it is like a mountain to climb. Now, I just need to prepare for it and a good way to start is to find the right shoes. I want a pair that will boost my cushioning, conditions and comfort.     

Doing some window shopping and surfing online introduced me to different brands and styles of running shoe but nothing came close on how adidas Energy Boost changed running experience forever.

ENERGY BOOST™ by Adidas is the newest innovation from one of the leading sports brands in the world.

It boosts my cushioning. The foundation of the ENERGY BOOST™ innovation is centred on proprietary cushioning material, BOOST™, that allows the runner to feel a continuous energy return. The revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules in the soles to store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride. 

It boosts my conditions.
Holding its performance in almost any condition the exclusive BOOST™ material has been proven to be three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material, thus providing a more consistent and comfortable run. Bernd Wahler, Head of Innovation for adidas, emphasized that Energy Booast almost makes the shoe come to life, and you will feel it from the first moment you put it on

It boosts my comfort. The shoes innovation goes beyond the revolutionary midsole technology. The upper on the ENERGY BOOST™ features adidas Techfit technology, which provides optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.

Aside from these amazing features, Energy Boost also has a special mid-foot support frame, an extended TORSION® system to minimise roll for more stability, adiwear outsole to reduce wear in key soles areas and an external heel counter to maximise the heel fit and comfort. The adidas ENERGY BOOST™ is miCoach compatible. 

And so I invite everyone to join the running revolution with adidas Energy Boost. Every step, every run with this pair can instantly make anyone a winner. Truly, running has never been the same.

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