Monday, November 11, 2013

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband”

One of the most anticipated movies of the Year is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment of the film adaptation of the novel by Suzanne Collins.

My favorite character, which I think is also the choice of other ladies out there, is Katniss Everdeen who is extensively knowledgeable in foraging, wildlife, hunting, and survival techniques. These traits was her key in winning the first pageant/ tournament of survival.

As a blogger, my reliable tools online is writing skills, tech knowledge and a dependable online connection like PLDT Fibr, the most powerful broadband today that allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the following: (a) Browsing of multiple websites; (b) Stream hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay; and (c) Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels.

The good news is that it is available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.
 fibr logo 2013-01

Now, I got this interesting question: If you were a character in the Hunger Games, how would you use Fibr to help you train to win the pageant?

A very interesting question like this deserves a simple yet sensible answer. It's easy, I will watch video clips of martial arts techniques of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Cynthia Luster to get some kick-ass moves that I can practice and apply against my antagonists when the opportunity comes. I thank you :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gatsby: A unique hygiene and grooming product for Men

GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents)
GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents) - See more at:
GATSBY Deo-Aqua 7 scents: (Top from L to R – Crush Citrus, Cold Citrus, Happy Breeze; Below L to R: Island Marine, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, and Aquatic Blue scents) - See more at:
Girl, your man might wanna try this great products to keep them feeling fresh even during super busy days.

Gatsby, the flagship brand of Mandom Corporation, now introduces the latest in personal care for men.

Personified by Brazilian-Japanese model-actor and brand endorser Daniel Matsunaga, GATSBY DEODORANT AQUA is a unique hygiene and grooming product that’s the perfect choice for men with active lifestyles. Gatsby Deo-Aqua has a subtle, long-lasting fragrance and double deodorant protection.

(L to R: Brand endorser, model-actor Daniel Matsunaga, Ms. Aimee Pernia, and Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka during the Gatsby Deo-Aqua Product Launch)

Perfect for hot, tropical climates, the sweat and oil absorbing powder of Deo-Aqua keeps the skin cool and free from the sticky, sweaty feeling for long time. Its active ingredients Triclosan and o-Cymen-5-OL protect the skin from bacteria buildup and reduces body odor.

The formal launch, graced by officials from Mandom Philippines Corporation, Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka President and CEO and Ms. Aimee Pernia Watsons Senior Category Manager – Hair and Men’s was held before an exclusive audience from the print, online and broadcast media.

Mandom Corp was established in December 1927 and has, over the years, become a reputable cosmetic brand in Japan by providing the best quality products to the public. Locally, the company is known for its bestselling hair care and cosmetic line.

GATSBY Deo-Aqua is exclusively available in the Philippines at all Watsons Personal Care stores.

Friday, September 13, 2013

OFF THE GRILL: A decade of Great Entertainment, Good Food, Good Service

What started out in 2003, as a sheer idea of having a homey, garden set-up where you can just serve good food, and have live bands playing in the background is now celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

Over the years, Boojie, Operations Manager for OFF THE GRILL, is humbled with the kind of following this resto bar has created, “Looking back, we never thought this will hit the market. We were just a group of friends who wanted to have a place where everything is cool- music, ambiance, food.  I guess it’s that kind of “experience” that has brought us to where we are now. And of which the people or the public comes back for- the OFF THE GRILL experience.”

Located at 69 Timog Street, Quezon City, OFF THE GRILL is known for its live entertainment, great ambiance, excellent food. “As you can see from our logo, the three frogs has one holding a bottle of beer; one holding a microphone and the other, holding a fried chicken. This is translated to our kind of service;  great drinks, live entertainment and good food, respectively.” When we asked why the frog icon for OFF THE GRILL? Boojie says “ well frogs, because of their unique sound, can definitely attract people. Frogs bring in good luck.”

Grilled Squid

Crispy Pata
OFF THE GRILL had lots of changes. Changed for the better of course. They have their new menu all set and the all time favourite dishes are still consistently delicious. Special mentions are the Grilled Squid (grilled just right), Spicy Sashimi, Pork Sisig, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings and the Bulalo Steak that's just perfect with a bucket of Ice Cold Beer.  Prices on their menu are reasonable enough.

They do have huge events place. The place has cool air even without aircon. Nights were dim as usual and jampacked with cool people. Really entertaining. Nightlife as it is! 

OFF THE GRILL is also one of the pioneers in having live bands and acoustics. In fact, OFF THE GRILL is home to some of the country’s award winning musical artists.

“We are proud to say that some of our country’s top performers in the music industry started their stints here in OFF THE GRILL,” shares Boojie, “the likes of Side A, Freestyle, Paolo Santos, UrbanNation, Richard Poon.  And they are still very much part of OFF THE GRILL.” Through the years, guest  performances from MYMP, K24-7, True Faith, Mocha Girls, South Border, Brownman Revival, Princess Velasco, First Five, Duncan, Jimmy Bondoc and Saia continues to add glitter to this one-of-a-kind OFF THE GRILL nightlife experience!

One of the highlights of the 10th anniversary celebration is giving recognition to these artists. And this is all happening on all Tuesdays of September, OFF THE GRILL’s anniversary month.

Side A band

Mocha Girls
For the VIPs, have it your OFF THE GRILL way on September 3 and 24.  Followed by a “Media Launch” on September 10, at 5:00 to 7:00 pm. “Supplier’s Night” is scheduled on September 17, while a reunion of sorts for all VIPs and former employees is happening on October 1.  Expect a lot of fun, entertainment, prizes and surprises on all Tuesdays of September at OFF THE GRILL, Timog, Quezon City.

Apart from their main location in Timog, Quezon City, OFF THE GRILL also has an outlet at Brick Road, Sta. Lucia,. 

For its 10th anniversary celebration, a lot is in store for OFF THE GRILL.

“This year, we would like to spread some more, targeting to have 5 more branches.  South-based. So that more and more people can get to share the OFF THE GRILL experience. On the business side, which is our next big step, is opening our prospects  for franchising.”

A place with great sounds, good food, good service. The place is called OFF THE GRILL!

Sharing this milestone, Boojie  is grateful to the public and their business partners, “We would like to thank the public for their continuous support to OFF THE GRILL;  our suppliers, business partners. We would not have gotten this far without them. And we look forward for more fun, exciting years ahead!”

Let us celebrate a decade of Great Entertainment, Good Food, Good Service!

Check out  OFF THE GRILL at 69 Timog Ave. Corner Scout Torillo, Timog Quezon City, Tel. no 4269773; or at Brick Road, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Tel. no.  5717531.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smart Concept for Smart Consumers

With the idea of having more Filipinos earn a decent livelihood amid a strong yet still largely volatile local economy and rising unemployment numbers, SmartConcept, Inc., one of the country’s fast-rising direct advertising and marketing companies, launched today a marketing program that hopefully will bring good news to many Filipinos who are unemployed or even those who want to supplement their income.

Called “Affiliate Marketing Program,” this performance-based marketing system allows its members, called “affiliates,” to be equitably rewarded for each retail or even online customer they can recruit.

The general idea is to promote a long-term business relationship between the four core players within the system such as SmartConcept itself, which is the marketing company, the “merchant” or the product or service provider, otherwise known as the “retailer,” plus the “affiliate” or independent distributor and finally the “customer” or the client or actual consumer of the products and services.

Smart Concept, Inc., established back in 2008, introduced to the market the SmartConcept Discount Catalogues or “Loyalty Coupons,” which offer discount benefits through its partner-merchants that include Restaurants, Fastfood Chains, Salons, Spas, Health and Fitness centers, Amusement and Entertainment establishments, Car Care Centers, Medical and Dental Clinics, among others.

Through the “Discount Catalogues,” more people are also able to experience these prestigious brands and essentially helped drive consumption and elevate these SmartConcept partner-merchants’ brand status to a higher level.

 “The real essence of this system is that aside from Filipinos patronizing products and services of SmartConcept merchant partners, those who will join can also invite others to become members and be part of a growing community. Together with their recruits, they can both enjoy exciting rewards and economic benefits they have never experienced before,” explains Minerva “Minnie” Tun, Chief Operating Officer of SmartConcept, Inc. during the launch.

There are at least 3 ways to earn incentives under the SmartConcept Affiliate Marketing Program, the so-called “3 Rs”: Retail, Referral and Rebate. “Retail” incentives include a 25% discount for every Loyalty Coupon purchased by a customer. “It is easy to earn through this because you can easily share or sell the coupon to family, neighbors, your friends, officemates or just about any other person you can meet on the street,” explains Ms. Tun.

As for “Referral,” which is more recruitment-based, it means the higher number of “affiliates” a person refers, the higher the referral bonus and members can refer an unlimited number of prospects. As for “Rebate,” incentives come in the form of “Personal Sales Rebate” where the higher the rank, the higher the personal sales rebate, and for “Group Sales Rebate,” the more members referred and supported, the bigger the rebate. Also, the more coupons sold, the higher the benefits.

Other sales rebates included in the program are “Leader’s Sales Rebate” and the “Diamond Manager Royalty Income,” wherein the more managers developed and supported, the bigger the royalty income.

“Above everything else, this is just a small step in our objective of helping our current and prospective partner companies drive sales for their product or service through an innovative and dynamic marketing system. We hope to be able to expand this system and eventually help provide excellent opportunities to many Filipinos to be more financially self-sufficient and be more successful entrepreneurs in the direct marketing business sphere,” adds Ms. Tun.

SmartConcept was formed with the objective of becoming the first and largest, fully Filipino-owned direct advertising and marketing firm in the Philippines. Its personnel has more than a decade’s wealth of experience and expertise, and has offices in Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Cebu City and Davao City. For details about SmartConcept, Inc., call (+02) 470-1554 or (02) 470-1556; (+63)917-5369591, (+63)918-9653743 or (+63)922-8106203, or email or visit

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ayala Malls brings Gwiyomi craze to Manila

To kick off the holiday season, Ayala Malls has prepared exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy! Starting off the energetic and vibrant vibe of the festive season is a performance from South Korean singer, Hari, who is known for the “Gwiyomi Song”. 

Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi, a Korean slang used in reference to a cute person, quickly went viral since its released on February this year. But what exactly is the Gwiyomi song about? The cutesy song is about a Korean girl’s proclamation of love for her boyfriend and how she endearingly wants him to promise that they will always stay together. 

Inspired by series of cute hand movements involving the counting of numbers, the song’s sweet and catchy tune was indeed a viral phenomenon as it received an overwhelming response from netizens and K-pop fans. In Youtube, Hari’s video has already reached millions of views with more and more people uploading their own version. The dance craze has caught on countries like Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and even in the Philippines. Some local celebrities who did their own take of the Gwiyomi song are celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao, Jasmine Curtis, Enrique Gil, Kathryn Bernardo  and teen actress Ella Cruz. 

Catch Hari in your favorite Ayala Malls as she performs live on September 6, 6:30 PM at the new Glorietta Activity Center; September 7, 6:30 PM at Marquee Activity Center; and September 8, 7:00 PM at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces. Hari will also have a meet and greet session on September 6, 1:00 PM at Trinoma Cinema Lobby.

Indeed, Ayala Malls continues to bring world-class talents to provide its shoppers not only the finest retail and dining experience but truly the best family entertainment as well.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dulaang UP Stages Jacobean Tragedy The Duchess of Malfi

This September, Dulaang UP continues its tradition of bringing world classics to the Filipino audience through the first major Philippine production of John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. Dark and visceral, The Duchess of Malfi is widely held as the greatest of Webster’s works and the most gripping of the Jacobean tragedies. It has mesmerized and shocked audiences since it was first staged 400 years ago in 1613.

The Duchess of Malfi is renowned for producing what could probably be theatre’s most compelling female protagonist and two of its most twisted villains.
The play follows the story of a recently widowed duchess as she decides to go against her scheming brothers by secretly marrying her personal steward. The discovery of her deception engulfs everyone in a tumultuous and maddening whirlpool of envy, incest, greed, destruction, and death. The characters’ struggle for and against their desires forces us to ask ourselves, “How far will we go for pleasure?”

DUP’s production also features Ang Dukesa ng Malfi as translated into Filipino by Palanca awardee Allan Palileo. The play is adapted and directed by theater icon and DUP Founding Artistic Director Tony Mabesa, well known for his staging of world and Filipino classics. New York-based Obie award winner Clint Ramos and Eric Pineda collaborate for the set and costume design respectively; Choreography by Peter Alcedo, Jr., Lights design by Meliton Roxas, Jr., and Sound design by Jethro Joaquin.

The cast is headlined by some of theater’s biggest stars and supported by some of its most promising actors. Banaue Miclat, Liza Dino, and Adriana Agcaoili alternate as the defiant Duchess. Richard Cunanan, Neil Ryan Sese, and George de Jesus take turns playing the twisted Bosola. The Duchess’ malevolent twin brother, Ferdinand, is given life by Jacques Borlaza and Allan Palileo. The corrupt Cardinal is played by Menggie Cobarrubias and Brian Tibayan. The production also stars Carlo Tarobal, Dax Alejandro, Issa Litton, Ces Aldaba, and the Dulaang UP ensemble.

The Duchess of Malfi/Ang Dukesa ng Malfi runs September 11- 29, 2013 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman. For sponsorship and ticket inquiries, please contact the Dulaang UP Office at 926-1349, 981-8500 local 2449 or 433-7840 and look for Ms. Camille Guevarra or Ms. Samanta Clarin.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sticker Happy with KakaoTalk

I've been forever a fan of stickers especially the cute ones.

When I was young, I would put them in my notebooks, bags, stationary and other stuff. And as time goes by, these stickers leveled up and become digital. These days, I sent stickers to my friends via mobile apps. 

The one that I am using right now is KakaoTalk,  a free mobile messenger application for smartphones with free text and free call features. It is available on iOS, Android, Bada OS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and PC.

I want to share some of the impressive key features of KakaoTalk that I found very useful:

 (1) Group chat and multimedia sharing where users can create group chat rooms with an unlimited number of friends in KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk supports sharing of text, photos, videos, voice notes, contact information and schedules.

 (2) Free 1:1 and group voice call as KakaoTalk offers both 1:1 and group voice calls with as many as five speakers. Features including Talking Tom and Talking Ben voice filters add fun and excitement to voice chat. KakaoTalk is also the worlds’ first to provide free group calls in HD quality.

 (3) Animated/sound/still emoticons and themes: KakaoTalk is the first mobile instant messaging service to offer animated emoticons and stickers, which users can include in their chat bubbles. KakaoTalk offers tens of thousands of different emoticons, including localized digital content in Japan and Indonesia.

 (4) Security that encrypts all messages to ensure user privacy and all messages are deleted from the servers after a minimal length of time.

 (5) “Plus Friends” feature which is designed to allow users to select and receive content related to their favorite brands, companies, and stars. Connect with K-Pop stars such as CNBlue, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior.  This feature is available in the Philippines and other countries.  KakaoTalk is endorsed by Philippines’ pop princess Sarah Geronimo and Korea’s phenomenal boy band Big Bang.

Aside from the fact that KakaoTalk is free of charge, here are some other good news:
a. KakaoTalk is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and PC.
b. It allows users to send messages, pictures, video, URLs, contact details and schedule.
c. Also supports voice call and group call with as much as 5 people.
d. Currently has over 100 million users, maximum daily traffic is 5.2 billion messages (as of early this year).
e. Programs of KakaoTalk plans to eventually add Pinoy stickers.

For more information about KakaoTalk, visit its official Facebook fan page:; Twitter account: and YouTube channel :

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dr. MJ Torres: A Woman Who Inspire

Dr. Mary Jane "MJ" Torres
When we do open talks about people who inspire people, a lot of popular names will definitely come out. In the local scene, particularly “women who inspire” in the genre of Aesthetic Medicine, one name cannot be missed out.

 Recently awarded by Solar Publishing as one of the “Women Who Inspire”, Dr. Mary Jane Torres, or Dra. “MJ” to her league of friends and clients, is one that exudes what true beauty is all about. The woman behind the continuous success of The Zen Institute continues to be an inspiration to many.
“The inspiration springs from my four children. They keep me going. And when I see my patients look and feel good about themselves, then that’s where I revved up!” shares Dra. MJ.

Since the entry of The Zen Institute, with such revolutionary, innovative changes being adapted in Aesthetic Medicine, women of this generation began to experience and realize what true beauty is all about.

According to Dra. MJ, true beauty goes beyond quick fixes. True beauty is a journey towards self-improvement, wellness, self-realization and transformation. “Achieving true beauty is an art and also therapy. You can’t have self-realization overnight. It takes time,” she said.

If she were to describe the concept of a beautiful woman, it is “beauty from within, positive outlook, cares about herself, healthy lifestyle, caring& loving.  All these radiates to the outside.”

Wellness is at the core of all programs at The Zen Institute. Using the latest medical beauty advances, and most up-to-the-minute technologies, clients are able to look, feel and live their best! – without surgery, pain, scars and downtime.

How does she keep up with the competitive and dynamic industry that she belongs to? “Constant research and development, aligning with the European countries. This way, we keep the edge.”

Among the services of Zen, their Non-Surgical Facelift and Contour (PRP & PCL) is the most in demand and most tested. While the latest breakthrough is Zen’s Power Cell Lift.

The Power Cell Lift is a new lifting technique which injects multiple threads for strong lifting effect, enhancing cell engraftment to the treatment areas.

These non-invasive aesthetic treatments at The Zen Institute are also opportunities for a deeper therapy for patients, such becoming part and parcel of their total wellness program. This is something you cannot achieve with surgical approaches. Dra. MJ adds, “even if your appearance is enhanced through surgery, but if you don’t know how to appreciate your true worth, you will still be an unhappy person.”

One that constitutes her greatest achievements in the beauty and wellness industry is having established the first “medical spa”- The Zen Institute -merging the concept of spa and medical facility. This underlines total wellness approach which is more than simply aesthetics, seen in most of their programs like weight management and detoxification, anti-aging with non-invasive facelift and body contouring.

Dra. MJ’s unique approach to total wellness is “further strengthen through Vietura and true concept of a medical spa thru the facilities of the Zen Institute, reaching out to the outskirts like Zen Institute Batangas branch.”

Vietura (Aesthetic Lifestyle) is about finding the interconnection between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. The Zen Institute speaks of the true concept and commitment of a medical spa, non invasive and holistic in approach.

In terms of expansion, Zen Institute’s Scout Rallos branch in Quezon City will have a 500sq facility to provide a full spa service, aesthetic treatment, and wellness center. This is on top of their full line-up of exciting promos, signature programs and new endorsements.

The unique touch, “creative masterpiece” of Zen is seen in the likes of Ayen Laurel, Franco Laurel, Eula Valdez, Korina Sanchez, Giselle Sanchez, Chanda Romero, Gina Alajar, Cory Quirino, Rene Salud, Philip Abadicio, Ciara Sotto, Lyn Sherman, Vicky Rashton (Mutya ng Pilipinas 2011), Rizzini Alexis Gomez (Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012), to name a few.

The Zen Institute is located at the Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (856-2027), with branches at 69 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City (441-1712; 412-2528), or at the St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway, Barangay 2, Sto. Tomas, Batangas ((+43) 778-4811).

For more about The Zen Institute, visit

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Diffrent High with Sante Barley Drink

Sole distributor of pure and organic wellness products in the Philippines, Santé International, Inc., proves it only takes a small capital and a determined initiative to sustain your health and improve one’s wealth.
Many of its successful distributors nationwide who just purchased the Santé Pure Barley Pack worth P3,998 are now all thinking of continuously increasing their monthly earnings or eyeing a well-off early retirement.

One high-flier who confessed growing up in difficult life, ran away from home at a young age of 14 and experienced severe hunger, danger and depression on the street recalls how Santé changed his points of view.

“Nagbago po ang lahat ng makilala ko ang Sante. Bumuti po ang aking paggawi, gumanda ang aking pananaw sa buhay at nagsimula po ulit akong mangarap. Katulad ng Santé gusto ko rin makatulong sa iba na nawawalan ng pag-asa. Salamat po talaga!” exclaims grateful Joel V. Luyong, a member of the company’s Executive Millionaires Circle (EMC).

“We believe that true leadership and accomplishment entail helping others achieve their own hopes and aspirations,” says Jesus Joey Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer of Santé International, Inc. 

The successful direct marketing company boosts its members’ entrepreneurial spirit through business development classes, leadership trainings and teamwork enhancement initiatives. Through these efforts, Santé is confident that its people are well-trained to use and market their products.

“Confidence comes from discipline and training. I gained mine from Sante,” declares Jonathan D. Ledesma, a proud member of EMC.

Start easy
To be part of Santé, one needs immersion by using its exceptional products and experience the health benefits it can give through the Pure Barley Pack. Next is to make a name list of those whom you want to share the goodness of barley with, either sick relatives or health-conscious friends.
“So far, these (Santé products) are the most saleable products that I have ever marketed,” exclaims Leonardo G. Atlas, Jr., a member of EMC who also serve as mentor for new stakeholders. “I am living my dreams and not just living my life, now that Im with Sante.”

Because of Santé’s strong business plan, future members will not worry attaining the similar success of the early starters.

There are at least 5 ways by which a Sante distributor can earn bonuses from their own purchases, their downlines, and their downlines’ purchases.

How do members get their commissions? “In three convenient ways: wire transfer, commission checks and e-money or League Wallet,” explains Paul Caluag, Director for Network Development of Santé International, Inc.

Once a distributor, members will have their personal business website to manage their dealings and transactions; AirLoad Distributorship to sell almost all kinds of load for mobile phones, online games and Internet usage; and various discounts for scholarship, training and hotel certificates.

On top of these, members who show dedication and excellence in marketing may avail of the car allowance program and an internal promo called “Byaheng Milyonaryo,” a free travel package to Asia, Europe or North America.  

Aspiring members who live outside Manila may visit any of the 89 Santé branches that are widely distributed in many areas nationwide.

Indeed, there are many competitive direct marketing companies in the country, but not all members can see the principle of security, effectiveness of product, compensation package and technology to do business and eventually succeed.

This is also the reason why “Kuya” Kim Atienza only chooses Santé to support his everyday life being a television host, weatherman and sportsman. “Santé is not only a network marketing company, the potency of its products care for its people and the community,” enounces Atienza.

For more about Santé International, Inc., visit

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

National Wellness Day 2013: A Big Success

Some of the organizations which participated in the National Wellness Day (from top left): Petron Corporation, PMAP Secretariat, SGS Gulf Limited, Canon Philippines and UCPB, the lead site of the activities in NCR.
Filipino workers from all over the country and even overseas participated in the National Wellness Day activities last June 21.

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), the premier organization of HR practitioners and people managers, successfully held the nationwide activity that promotes health and wellness in the workplace as one of the most important issues that companies need to address today. Almost 100 member companies from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao have organized different wellness activities in their respective workplaces on the said day. The highlight of the celebration is the 7-Minute PMAP Wellness Moment, a quick wellness activity that involves stretching and meditation to be done simultaneously across the nation by employees at exactly 3:00 pm.

This PMAP initiative, in Partnership with Healthway Medical, even reached workers from the Guam office of one of their members, SGS Gulf Limited, who performed the activity along with their colleagues based in the three offices of the company in the Philippines. With the success of the event, PMAP is pushing for the National Wellness Day to be done annually every third Friday of June.

Furthermore, on October 2013, PMAP will hold a fun run at CCP Grounds, Pasay City as the culminating event of the organization’s efforts in promoting workplace wellness this year. Aside from targeting more than 1,500 participants in the fun run, the event also aims to provide a venue for different organizations to showcase their respective wellness initiatives. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lamoiyan Corporation continues to be Pinoys' pride

Fully Filipino-owned Lamoiyan Corporation has more reasons to smile as it continues to bring world-class quality yet affordable products that never fail to earn the peoples' trust and loyalty, especially now that the company is in its 25thyear of existence.

 In perfect time with its Silver anniversary this year, the company now has more than 30,000 fans in leading social network site Facebook, and still continuously growing – a feat that only proves the unstoppable patronage it gains from the local market.

Hapee’s Facebook page served as a venue to connect with the brand’s market, most of them Filipino moms. Not only that the site served as a tool for  to reach out to its market, but also it served as a page where fans can get practical household tips and useful parenting advice for everyday. And when the page reached its 10, 000 mark,  took the chance to hear more from their fans and asked them: "Bakit ang toothpaste mo?"

From among the thousands of statements made during the campaign, one of the most convincing ones was that of Daisy Villadores de Belen, who admits that their family already tried almost all the toothpaste brands available in the market and yet they still stuck to  for her kids really love the taste that is not too spicy. With this, she writes: "Happing happy kami sa Hapee."

The same reason was also given by Era Mae Dagondon, who particularly liked Hapee’s flavorful taste, not to mention its refreshing effect to the mouth and the softness of the bubbles she feels every time she brushes her teeth. Meanwhile, Filomena Villanueva swears that it's "really worth it without the need for a mouthwash”.

Apart from its world-class quality that is comparable to other more expensive brands, what's also keeping consumers loyal to  toothpaste is its reasonable price. According to Michelle Talaboc, while prices of some commodities continue to go up, it's good to know that Lamoiyan remains affordable, especially for those who have less in life. This, in turn, gives her a reason to smile amid life’s challenges.
For practical mothers who want only the best for their family,  toothpaste is indeed the right choice for them. Belinda Maravilla, who considers herself so meticulous in choosing every product she buys, shares that it's only that her family is very satisfied with given the kind of dental care it provides and yet friendly to the budget.

The self-confessed frugal Merly Onayan, on the other hand, cites that she, who values the hard-earnings of her husband, won't settle for something expensive if there's an alternative that can also give the best result in oral hygiene. Because Rho-anne Repre considers the brand as the "Hapeeness ng pamilya ko, Hapeeness pa ngbulsako!" she indeed gives the consuming public a convincing statement that they need not have to spend more just to have a beautiful smile.

Beyond the wonders of Hapee toothpaste as a product, the legacy behind it also contributes to its big following. It is a known fact that Lamoiyan Corporation is a 100 percent Filipino firm established in March 1998 by no less than its visionary owner, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro who, despite the unfortunate closure of his first business venture Aluminum Containers, Inc., was not discouraged but instead opted to challenge the big multinationals by introducing a purely local brand that is of the same quality as theirs.  

Seeing the company's humble beginnings, Cristina Lim stresses that toothpaste truly reflects the very distinct Filipino quality that is "masikap" or "diligent," which can be at par with the best in the world. Proud of the company and its founder's success, Ria Tacderas Bahri, meanwhile, says that it is but proper to love and patronize a brand made by a Filipino for the Filipino. What's more, Lamoiyan sets a good example as a firm that offers equal employment opportunities for hearing-impaired individuals which, for Ace Mendoza, only shows that it truly cares for the people.

These responses, which also share the same sentiments with the rest, clearly reflect this: That Hapee toothpaste is truly a world-class yet affordable brand in the market today made by a homegrown company that is Lamoiyan Corporation, whose mission to produce quality products as well as create opportunities for the people for the betterment of the country, is truly a source of Filipino pride. Visit, for more household tips and to know more about  toothpaste.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have some “WE Time”

Moments are most enjoyable in the company of special people. Getting together with family, friends, significant others is important in celebrating and enjoying life.

Occasions such as birthdays and weddings and milestones like graduation and career promotion, are more fun when celebrated socially. Gathering with special people allows us to share our stories, engage them with our feelings, and interact with them. This is why a local distiller encourages Filipinos to have some “we-time.”

 “Getting together with family and friends or ‘we-time’ is equally important and can be just as relaxing,” says Von de Torres, Managing Director, Emperador Distillers.

The best way to have “we-time” with friends and loved ones is over fine food and good wine.  A glass of good real sweet red wine can create a difference in every celebration. As it denotes grandness, having wine can make even very simple occasions unforgettable.

Emperador Distillers brings Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and bursting with flavor and aroma, as your perfect companion for making every “we-time” more fun and remarkable. It has layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavours, creating a different kind of sweetness.

According to De Torres, every “we-time” can be made more memorable with Rossi Sweet Red. “‘We time’ can be made sweeter. Rossi Sweet Red is best suited for the Filipino palate—a different kind of sweet but still real red wine.”

Apart from its unique sweetness, Rossi Sweet Red proves it goes well with any celebration. Not only can it be paired with nearly any kind of food, but may be enjoyed—on-the-rocks—making it a great alternative to regular beverages (e.g. sodas, juices, iced tea).

“We’re used to partnering food with sodas or any cold sweet beverage so sweet red wine is a natural progression. Its sweetness and appropriate alcohol content, plus the cooling sensation of ice cubes make Rossi Sweet Red on-the-rocks your drink for ‘we-time’.”

“We-time” provides a chance to create shared experiences and stories with friends and loved ones that stand the test of time. Collective memories are made in every “we-time” spent. Make sure that these are good and happy recollections. Celebrate and cherish them the best way possible, with Rossi Sweet Red.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

“Look! Up in the sky!
It’s a bird… it’s a plane…
No! It’s Superman!”

These are the classic line from an animated TV show that I used to watch in the 80’s. Actually it was only my older brothers who are fond of the Man of Steel before. I only got to appreciate Mr. Clark Kent’s alter ego when one of my uncles bought a set of the live action Superman movies starring then Hollywood heartthrob Christopher Reeves.

 Today, I am still a fan of the man from planet Krypton. It’s a fans club of sort at home with my husband and 4-year old son sharing the same interest. We have shirts with the iconic “S’ emblem and Superman toy figures, tumblers, mugs and key chains.

Only recently, we turned one boring afternoon at home into something super.  My husband and I were having our meryenda when he popped the question: “If you had the powers of Man of Steel for one week, how would you use it?”

Being the gentleman that he is, my husband let me to answer it first. Actually, this is just his way of getting enough time to think of the best response possible.

Having super powers for a day would be quite an experience. For a week? That would be a blast! The first thing that I’ll do would be for Mother Earth. I’ll fly outside our dear planet to check if I can do something to fix the big hole in our ozone layer. I would also put off bush fires or forest fires happening in different parts of the world. And if I see illegal loggers and miners, they better stop what they’re doing or else.

The next things that I want to accomplish are for our country. I’ll island hop (literally) from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and reach out to our kababayans who don’t get enough help from the government.  I’ll ask our president (well, P-Noy seems to listen to beautiful women, what more if she can also fly) for food and medicine supplies and other basic necessities and I’ll bring them to remote places in the Philippines where aid is badly needed.

For the last two days of having superpowers, I might spend it with my family just like what I do on weekends as an ordinary working mom. I’ll fly my husband and son to the great places I was able to see during the 5-day superhero on duty journey.

Speaking of my super experiences, how would you like to win Superman premium items and special invites to the special screening of Man of Steel.  Join Schick’s Superman promo by clicking the image below. This is definitely one super movie adventure only from Schick. Free Your Skin.

Schick's Superman Promo
Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hassle-free with world-class quality and affordable products

How far can you go with P5? Citing rising inflation rates, economic think tanks agree that P5 is the new P1 of today.

But for practical mom Edith Dimalanta from Malabon, she still finds the P5 in her purse valuable, especially every time she goes to a nearby sari-sari store to buy a personal hygiene item her family cannot live without. “Nakakabili pa din ako ngsachet ng toothpaste sa halagang limang piso (I can still buy a sachet of toothpaste for P5,)" she beams, "at yun ay ang toothpaste (and that'stoothpaste)."
With a product that's more affordable than other leading brands, she says that buying a quality yet affordable tooth care product remains possible for an average Filipino family like them amid rising costs of living.

"Salamat sa mga gumawa ng toothpaste at iba pang household at personal care item dahil may quality of life na ang mga pamilya ngayon sa pamamagitan ng kanilang de-kalidad at affordable na mga produkto (We thank the makers of toothpaste and other household and personal care items because families can now live quality lives through their better yet affordable products," notes Ronald Serillos, a cab driver and father of five from San Juan.

Not too many know that behind this all-Filipino brand is Lamoiyan Corporation. Headed by a visionary, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro, Lamoiyan Corporation dared the giants of the toothpaste manufacturing industry and provided consumers with a world-class quality yet affordable alternative oral care product. It was in 1998 when his business venture that supplied aluminum toothpaste tubes to multinationals closed shop due to the shift from using aluminum to plastic tubes. However, it opened the door for him to establish Lamoiyan Corporation in March that same year.

“We introduced world-class quality toothpaste at affordable prices so Filipinos can afford to brush their teeth regularly, especially those in the provinces where toothpaste and toothbrush are expensive. That dream pushed us initially and we were not afraid to face the giant multinationals because we believe there is the need to help Filipinos, particularly the poorest of the poor,” says Dr. Pedro, President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation.

Since day one, the company lived up to its corporate mission—to help improve the quality of life of Filipino families through world-class products. From creating the phenomenal dental care product toothpaste, the company also expanded to include household and personal care brands like Gumtect, Kutitap, Dazz, and Licealiz.

By bringing essential products within reach of many, this brought 25 years of happy moments not just for the company itself and its people, but also for those who shared the journey with Lamoiyan Corporation. Maintaining the world-class quality and affordability of their products enabled customers to save money for other important things for their families.

"Ang pera na matitipid ko sa pagbili ng sachet ng toothpaste sa halip na mas mahal na brand ay malaki ang maitutulong sa akin. Magagamit ko pa itong pambili ng iba pang bagay na kailangan sa bahay o kahit sa baon ng mga anak ko(The money I could save from buying a sachet of toothpaste instead of the more expensive brands will really help me a lot. I could use it to buy other things we need at home or even for my kids’ 'baon')," cites Dimalanta.

Apart from the economic benefits provided by Lamoiyan Corporation’s products, consumers have remained loyal to the brand due to its world-class quality performance.  "Gaya ng kanilang dishwashing product [Dazz], ang mga plato namin ay laging malinis at malayo sa germs (Just like its dishwashing product [Dazz], it keeps our dishes always clean and germ-free)," bares Serillos.

Health-wise, the company also never compromises on this regard. Mindful of the fact that one of the reasons of kids’ absenteeism in schools are tooth decay and head lice infestation, Lamoiyan Corporation committed itself to be part of the solution via its and Licealiz Anti-lice Shampoo products.

"Madalas akong absent sa school dahil sa sakit ng ngipin (I used to be absent in school because of toothache)," says Homer Ellamil, a Grade 2 student from Batasan Hills Elementary School in Quezon City. "Dahil sa toothpaste, lagi na akong nagtu-toothbrush kaya wala nang sakit ng ngipin (Because of toothpaste, I can now brush my teeth regularly; no more toothaches.)"

 Meanwhile, for Princess Tejada, a Grade 3 pupil of Batasan Hills, whose head used to be infested with head lice, she tried Licealiz when Lamoiyan Corporation held its "Adopt-a-Barangay" program in their area. From then on, she never missed a class anymore.

"Dati, gumagamit ang Nanay ko ng suyod para maalis ang lisa sa buhok ko pero walang nangyayari. Nung sinubukan ko ang Licealiz, ang laking ginhawa. Di na nangangati ulo ko at madalas na ako pumapasok sa school dahil wala na akong lisa sa ulo (Before, my mother used 'suyod' to remove the lice in my hair but it was not effective. When I tried Licealiz, it helped me a lot. Now, I'm itch-free and I don’t skip school anymore because of lice infestation that made me feel insecure," she vividly recalls.

Tejada, together with Dimalanta, Serillos and Ellamil, are just some of the living proof of how excellent Lamoiyan products are that enable them to live worry-free lives. They remind us that the P5 seen today of no value, nevertheless, is worthy of keeping students in school.