Monday, November 19, 2012

Choosing the best TV Station

Local online entertainment hubs Starmometer, Showbiznest and LionhearTV join forces to bring the latest ‘star awards’ which will give netizens power in recognizing the hard work and excellence of celebrities and their achievements over the last year.

Netizens Choice Awards will celebrate the trending hottest celebrities in television, dario, music, film and the web in the choicest.

Starting November 10, everyone who has access to the internet can vote once each day per category for their favorite “Netizens Choice Awards” nominees at, and Through these votes will generate an alternative results’ page. The entry with the highest votes will be listed as first. You as readers can see how many votes each project has received. You are given a maximum of 3 votes, 1 each blogsites, for each categories per day.

There is also a Bloggers’ Choice for the Favorite Television Station which will work as a writing project. Anyone who has blog in at least 3 (three) months with at least 3 posts in any niche is eligible to join in this writing project. Please include the links of the three host blogs in your blog entry and help us spread the word and encourage everyone to participate.

Bloggers should state which among the TV stations is the best for them and blog about why he/ she chose hat station.

Post a comment in any of the three host sites so your entry can be monitored. Only one entry per blogger. Cut-off date and time for submission of entries is on December 8 (until 11:59pm). After the said date, submission of comments shall be closed.

And for my vote, I choose GMA 7 as the TV Station of the Year because a lot of my favorite programs are shown here. Unang Hirit for breakfast, Eat Bulaga for lunch and drama series for dinner. This is one station where every woman in the house can spend time watching while doing household chores and never get bored.

How about you, what's your vote? Join the search for the best of the best!

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