Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Acid reflux now a thing of the past

It’s 2am and you are still awake. Your stomach is hurting. It feels painful and bloated and you just want to throw up. This discomfort is causing you to have another sleepless night. You are worrying about your work deadlines which is causing you more stress.  You take your usual pill, wait for it to take effect, and try to get back to sleep. This is the vicious cycle GERD sufferers have to endure.

You are just one of the millions who suffer from hyperacidity and all its after effects like ulcers and acid reflux. Anti-acids and PPIs promise quick relief. But what you don’t know is that it will happen again and again, over time. Stress and a poor diet are among the leading causes of acid reflux.

Prolonged use of anti-acids can have consequences. Anti-acids based on aluminum and magnesium can weaken your bones by depleting the body of calcium and phosphorus. Another anti-acid is sodium bicarbonate more popularly known as baking soda. This causes very serious imbalance of pH (acidity) in the body known as alkalosis. Balance is the key to good health.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) totally eliminate acid production. Once its effects wear off, your receptors will trigger acid production double time causing more discomfort. And the whole cycle repeats itself.
Little did you know that the plant known for growing beautiful hair and skin can actually be the answer to this recurring problem. Never did you associate aloe vera as relief for your stomach problems.

Various research and studies have revealed that the pure juice from Aloe Vera can prevent gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) – heartburn and acid reflux. “Aloe Vera juice contains a natural acid buffer—malic calcium and/or calcium malate—which helps regulate acid levels in stomach over time,” explains Dr. Santiago Rodriguez Ph.D., one of the top research chemists specializing in Aloe Vera for nearly 30 years. Dr. Rodriguez is part of a global team of experts established by American Global Health Group, LLC. (AGHG), which manufactures AloeCure, a 99.7% organic natural pharmaceutical grade pure aloe vera juice.

So, what is the difference between all these remedies? The difference between        anti-acids, PPIs and pure organic aloe vera extract is that “they” [antacids] only serve as neutralizers, counteracting acid in your stomach. AloeCure, on the other hand, serves as a regulating agent that buffers acid from producing excessively, and help you consistently maintain a healthy acid level in your system.”

To prove the efficacy of AloeCure, the only certified aloe vera extract in the Philippines, here are some success stories.

It was December 2011 when Jimmy Castillano, City Information Officer of Las PiƱas City, got hospitalized due to severe gastritis. He was prescribed several medications but Jimmy found AloeCure to be the final solution. “I asked my doctor if I can take it together with the prescribed medications and he agreed. In a month’s time, I became better and my doctor even told me to stop the medications and just continue taking AloeCure. It’s been nine months and I haven’t experienced any acid reflux attack.”

AloeCure also solved Rosalie Guelas’ long-time problem of being ‘acidic.’ “It was triggered when I took the board exam because of too much stress. I have tried a lot of antacids before, but the attacks still recurred until I tried AloeCure. After Aloe Cure I have not experienced any more acidity.”

But aloe vera does more than cure acid reflux. Other stomach discomforts such as Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are also relieved. “Clinical trials proved that drinking aloe juice has a great potential in effectively treating IBS.”

As a supplement, AloeCure enables a healthy digestive system, which is the key to better health. Proper absorption of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs is dependent on the condition of the digestive system, so having a good one enables it to work properly and quickly. Aloe supplementation increases the body’s ability to absorb vitamin C and E which are essential for recovery and healing.

Without acid reflux, you will be able to sleep better at night. And because sleep is more important than diet in weight control, Aloe Cure aids in weight management, a side effect that Rosalie delighted in. She attributes feeling better, stronger, and livelier to AloeCure and said that since she started taking it, her bowel movements normalized and she has even lost weight.

Dr. Rodriguez believes that Acid Reflux is now a thing of the past with AloeCure. “If there will be more people availing of its health benefits, a lot more will enjoy living a healthy life. Who knows, there will come a time that no one among us will experience hyperacidity or acid reflux ever again.”

At work, you could still be stressed, but your stomach is fine. Thanks to aloe vera—and AloeCure.
AloeCure is available at Rustan’s Flower Shop, Health Express and Gana Vida outlets. AloeCure is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Organic Basket located at Lapanday Center, 2263 Chino Roces Ext., Makati City.  For more information on AloeCure visit www.aloepurephilippines.com, www.aloecurephilippines.com or call +632.888.2563.     

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