Monday, July 23, 2012

What's your Dieter's Quotient?

Much has been said and done about dieting and yet not all diets have turned out to be neither totally effective nor healthily beneficial to some dieters.  That being the case, is there something we should know? Or better yet, why not ask yourself how much do you know? Take this easy quiz to find out!

What’s Your “D.Q”? (Dieter’s Quotient)
                                                                                           True      False
A)         Fad diets are effective for  losing
 weight fast and permanently.

B)          Carbs are fattening.

C)         Delicious foods should be avoided
when dieting.

D)     Skipping meals makes you lose weight.

What you don’t know can make you gain or regain pounds.  If you answered “True” to most or all of the above, there’s a lot you need to know that will perhaps make you re-think the way you diet.  Check out these facts:
Fact # 1:  Fad diets are not really that effective.
 Sure, fad diets can make you lose weight fast, but when you slip out of their required routine, they make you gain back all that weight you’ve lost in no time! It is more advisable to eat in moderate amounts even as frequent as every 2-3 hours because that is easier to sustain. Doing this may help trigger your metabolism.

 Fact # 2: Carbohydrates aren’t necessarily fattening.
It’s eating too much of the wrong kind of carbs that makes you gain weight. You need carbohydrates--- good carbohydrates such as those rich in fiber that will not only help sustain your energy throughout the day but also help you feel full in between meals.   Moreover, fiber can improve digestive health as well as lower your blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. So eat healthy breads instead!

Fact # 3: Skipping meals can make you gain weight.
Studies show that skipping meals regularly slows down your metabolism, making your body store the food that you eat on your next meal as fat! What’s more, whenever you starve or deprive yourself of a meal, you tend to compensate by gorging out next time.

Fact # 3:  You can enjoy  delicious food even when you’re dieting.
Healthy dieting doesn’t mean going for the bland and tasteless. If you look around, tasty, mouth-watering healthful choices abound. It’s a matter of knowing how to differentiate between the good and the bad.

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