Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist


We often utter these words every time we receive things that really made our day.  For me, these things can be as simple yet heart-warming like a cute smile from my son or a sweet peck from my husband.  It can be also be something big like the announcement about your job promotion or winning a major prize in a raffle.  But I think, and most of you will agree that the most heaven-sent thing anyone can experience in life is a granted wish.

I was a little sentimental one Sunday morning when I found some old photo albums dusted inside a box when I did a general cleaning at home that day.  I took a pause for a while and started flipping the pages of the albums containing family pictures which some are more than 20 years old.  I did a little walk down the memory lane and could not help but be amazed on how time flies so fast.

It also made me realize that I might have been a little busy with work lately that I have sacrificed spending quality time with the people who really matters to me most.  I wish I can make them happy or at least do something for them to show that I am still thinking about them in the midst of my ever-toxic work schedule.  Is this still possible for someone like me who has an eight-to-five job and other activities that eat up a few hours from my sleeping time?

Well, I just found out it’s a yes!  Thank God for online shopping and I can still show thoughtfulness to my love ones with just a few clicks of my fingers anywhere and anytime.   But of course, we should only transact with the trusted names in online shopping.  One website I can recommend is Zalora, your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favorite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.

For me, ZAROLA is a Zestful Alternative and Legitimate Online Retailer Anytime. 

Where else can you find a wide array of great gift finds that also offers a 30-day return policy, FREE shipping nationwide, same day delivery and easy payment methods (Cash on Delivery, Over  the counter, credit card, Paypal and internet banking) on top of their quality products.  It’s safe, it’s easy and it’s definitely heaven-sent!

Speaking of heaven-sent, I am making my Zalora wishlist but each item in it is not meant for me.  I love to have them so I can give them as gifts to the five people who I meet and made my life a heaven.  Through this simple gesture, I hope to at least make them feel how important they are to me and that I appreciate all the things they have done to make my life a worthwhile journey.

Hang Ten Men's Slim Straight
A pair of jeans for my father.  I still remember when I was young, my father would tell me stories about how he shared a pair of pants with his cousins and friends.  He made it sound very amusing when he narrates that somebody would wear the pants from morning to afternoon and at night time, it was his time to use it for a date in the plaza.  Deep inside, I felt a pinch in my heart because he never let me experience to be in situations like that.  He worked hard so every one of his eight children has clothes they can call their own. 

Axis BlackWatch for Women
 A wristwatch for my mother.  One good lesson that my mother taught me is the value of time.  She used to tell me that if I have a meeting, I should not be there on time rather I should be there before the actual time of the meeting.  This is to avoid cramming and haggardness and making the other person wait.  It’s funny because I really can’t remember seeing my mom wearing a wristwatch.  I know my father gave her once but she never used it because she feels it will just be a hassle in doing house chores.  If I will give her a watch, I’ll hand it to her with a gift certificate to a spa clinic and a note, “It’s time to relax, Mama!”    

Beatles shirt by Happy Days
A cool Beatles shirt for my Tito Nonong.  Five years ago, I experienced one of the saddest chapters of my life.  In August 2007, I lost my first child. Just after a few months, my beloved lolo passed away.  I was so depressed with what had happened in my life that I just feel like I wanna lie down on one place all day and wait for someone who care to feed me.  I remember that my uncle was one of the people who cheered me up with his crazy ways. He gifted me with his latest paintings and would play old tunes with his guitar.  His Beatles medley was the best!  (Even if he’s off-key sometimes) :)

Budapest Savvy Backpack by Europak
A backpack for my husband.  I am just blessed that I have someone who is willing to go with me where ever I want to go. He says that he is my biggest fan and would follow me in every step that I’ll make.  I’ve been up and down, figuratively and literally, and my husband is always there to accompany me without hesitation and questions asked.  This time, I want him to have this bag and pack things up and ask him to take me to anywhere he wants to go.  If there is anywhere in the world that I want to be forever, it’s beside him.

Otto black school shoes for kids
A pair of school shoes for my son Charles. The greatest feeling that I’ve ever felt in my entire life was the first time my son Charles called me “Mommy.”  To borrow a famous answer from the Ms. Universe pageant, “Being a mother is the real essence of being a woman.” The best part of it is that I get to experience this wonderful moment every day. A pair of black school shoes represents my son’s first step towards his journey to the real world.  And this mommy will definitely be guiding him all the way for as long as I live.      

My wishlist contains awesome items I intend to give as gifts to my love ones.  Of course, there are products in Zalora’s online catalogue that I fancy and consider to buy for myself in the future.  The wide selection in the website is every shopper’s paradise.

It’s just that I thought of my family first while browsing the site and saw the opportunity to at least make up for the lost I could have spent with them with a simple gesture of gift-giving.  I believe the people behind Zalora created their online shopping site only for their customer’s personal needs but also a way to share love, love, love to others!

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