Monday, April 23, 2012

Unique Finds at Tutuban Night Market

Even with similar bazaars sprouting all over the metropolis, the Tutuban Night Market is still the most visited and the one with the widest array of goods on display.

The Tutuban Night Market is conveniently positioned around the clustered malls of the Tutuban Center, which was formerly the Philippine National Railways station. A leisurely stroll around the restored heritage building gives you a glimpse of historical pride.

As the Tutuban Center closes for the day, shoppers need not worry.  Stalls selling your favorite things---and more---are ripe for the browsing. From clothes to decor, from toys to furniture, from food to novelty items, a collection of brightly-lit stalls are ready for the night shopper.

Like the famous markets in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, the Tutuban Night Market is dedicated to the discount hunter. Haggling and negotiating over prices is the standard practice, and goods all come at cheaper and reasonable rates.

But Tutuban Center has an added advantage. Because the Philippines is a melting pot of foreign influences, there are merchandise that are gathered at the night market from all over Asia and the world. You don’t need to travel to these places to shop. The items you want may just be at Tutuban!

Fancy a set of delicate dishes? There are ceramic plates from China. Feel a little love of Siam? Wear shirts from Bangkok with interesting details. Want to feel like royalty?  Grab those bejeweled bangles from South Korea.

Or, are you imagining yourself like Kate Middleton? Get those charming straw hats with ribbons and bows and pretend that you’re at Ascot watching a celebrity horse race.

What’s more, because we have a wealth of artisans in the countryside, there are handicrafts, souvenirs and indigenous products that are uniquely and distinctly Pinoy.

Colorful lamp shades made of grass can enliven your home and garden. Wood and stone carvings can take pride of place in your bookshelf or side tables. Purses and wallets created from knits and crochets can be nice gifts.

After a thoroughly enjoyable turn around the stalls, there is Food Bazaar located at parking D that offers a wide variety of snacks quick snacks like burgers, takoyaki, pansit, batchoy, fish balls, squid balls, kikiam paired with sago’t gulaman, buko juice and sodas.

Over at the back and at the parking lot is the Food Street to satisfy your cravings for good, old comfort food. Take a sip of hot soup, a bite of pork barbecue or grilled squid. With extra rice, of course!

All these and more only at Tutuban Center Night Market!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Express yourself with UNIQLO’s UT

UNIQLO is a global apparel brand that does not dictate trends but allows individuals to express themselves by what they wear. With that desire of self-expression, UNIQLO offers a UT that is a UNIQLO T-shirt brand of PERSONAL EXPRESSION. As UNIQLO prepares to open its first store at the SM Mall of Asia this June, Filipinos will now have access to hundreds of ways to speak what they truly feel – that is through the wide range of unique concepts and designs of UT!

UT is unlike any other T-shirt. It is a tool to “make a statement.” As embodied in the UT Philosophy -- “A T-shirt is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love.  That’s the UT philosophy.”

UNIQLO collaborates with highly recognized names in the global pop culture in order to create a wide range of designs that captures people’s imagination and desire for self-expression. Yet despite the international stature of the design partners, UT products are priced affordably so that every Filipino can enjoy them. L. Ashley, Barbie, Hello Kitty, CONCORD MUSIC GROUP, Metal Gear, and Gundam, are just some of the designs to choose from. Kids, teens, yuppies and young at heart—there is definitely one UT for everyone.
“For UNIQLO, T-shirts are not just T-shirts. UT is a brand that helps people express who they are, their character and personality. We offer many T-shirt designs every year so we are sure that whoever you are and what you feel, there will always be a UT just for you,” explains Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

“UT VOTE AND WIN” Campaign launches at the end of this April Win UT merchandise—or even a trip to Japan—as UNIQLO opens the “UT Vote And Win” promo at the end of this April. Simply “LIKE” the UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Fan Page ( and visit the page regularly for more exciting announcements.

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!


For a working mom like me, I always look forward for the mid and end of the month to come.  Not only because it's payday but also it's our family time to do activities that we love to do together.

We shop, go to the park, dine in to our favorite restaurant and of course, watch movies.  Actually, we already have a list of the films that we will surely not miss.  On top of our list is Marvel's The Avengers.  My son is a big fan of Hulk and Ironman so we will definitely be one of those fans who will be firsts in the line the moment the movie hits the theatre.

Photo credit:

And while we are still waiting for The Avengers to come to the big screen, my son and I would watch of the trailers of the film via Youtube and be awe with the action and adventures of the heroes even in the very short teasers made available on line.

But there are times our viewing is interrupted because of the slow connection of our plug and play prepaid internet stick.  My son would sometimes get a little impatient when he sees videos pause from time to time thus our what should be a fun bonding time in front of the PC end up into crying time moment.

During this moment, how we wish we have a faster internet connection.  The good news is there is the Great Payday Sale that can help us out of this online misery.

Now having a fast Internet connection will surely be a treat not only for my son but also for the entire family.  We can watch movies, TV shows or MTVs and even download withour the usual interruptions that spoil our fun family activity at home.

This summer is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest connections at home with PLDT myDSL’s Great Payday Sale happening on April 27-29, 2012.  All you have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out! You can also upgrade your Internet with PLDT myDSL’s biggest Internet sale ever.

But wait, there's more!  Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings! 
Wow! Now if that can't make you want to be part of the Great Payday Sale, I don't know what will. For more information, you can visit where online application is also accepted.

PLDT myDSL and Nuffang will have a special screening of The Avengers on April 26 at Shangri-la Cineplex. If you want to win tickets to this event, just click HERE.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Boracay Island

My father is from Aklan while my mother is from nearby province Iloilo but I was born and raised in Quezon City. My parents would always tell us stories of how fun it was growing in the province. Especially Papa who has an endless array of stories about his adventures and misadventures. My favorite among his tales are his great experiences in Boracay Island, a paradise just a Jeepney and boat ride away from their home in the town of Ibajay, Aklan.

He said many firsts of his life happened there and were all memorable that’s why if there is a chance for me and my family to visit his hometown, we definitely consider it on top of our list especially when summer vacation comes. 

I may have not experience riding on a boat to go to school or climb up and down a hill when I was a kid but every visit in this summer wonder called Boracay Island, I feel like I am a child again excitedly waiting for what amazing things will come each day.

That’s why it’s my top choice for Nivea Philippines 7 Summer Wonders.  I have seven good reasons why this Island should be included in this list. I will rundown my reasons using its name. And so I say... when you think of a summer wonder, think of BORACAY.

Best beach. It’s no secret that many international organizations have considered Boracay as one of the best beaches, if not the best, in the world. The most recent was, a travel information website, which came out with the list of best 25 beaches in the world based on travelers’ choice and declared our very own as the best in Asia and best beach in the world after the Providenciales in Turks and Calcos Islands.

One thousand and one smile. I’d like to share a great conversation I had with an American couple whom my husband and I met in a restaurant during lunch. They said that aside from the fine beach and memorable moments that Boracay offers, another reason why they keep on coming back is the island’s friendly atmosphere. They said they have never been in a place like Boracay where everyone they talked to greet with smiling faces.  

Round the clock fun. The moment you step on the white sand of Boracay, you’ll definitely feel something different within you. You can do a 360 degrees turn and it’s just eye-candy scenes you’ll see. There are so many things to do and experience in this island that you’ll sometime forget to check your watch and later in the day be surprise how time pass so fast.

Artists’ paradise. I have to admit. I am not an artist.  But why can I compose a poem or decently sketch a coconut tree by the beach when I am in Boracay. Was it brought by the calm waves in the night as I watch my husband sleep that drew sentimental words from my hands or how maybe the beauty of the island is just that inviting for me to capture it on paper with strokes of my pencil.  Anybody can be a photographer, a painter or poet here because the island itself is nature's work of art.    

Carefree life. I think almost everyone of us dream of a carefree life.  Imagine living without any worries and stress...hmmm. Only in your dreams? Well, you can experience this in Boracay even just for a few days.  The relaxing atmosphere in the island is just contagious.  You’ll encounter new friends and experiences and sleep all day or have fun under the sun everyday! No ones gonna stop you.   

Adventure hub. Boracay has dozens of beach resorts offering hundreds of rooms ranging in quality from five-star to budget accommodation. In addition, Boracay offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Leisure activities are also available that include scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, cliff diving, and beach relaxation. All these and more can definitely make your stay in the island an unforgettable one.

Yummy treats. I can’t think of a better way to spend a meal with your loved ones but by the beach.  It’s simply romantic and what more if the food is oh so great!  The restaurants in the island have a very diverse menu. There are plenty of seafood, in-house delicacies and also grilled treats. I had  the best chicken barbeque at a restaurant called Vangie’s along with the fresh sea foods.  For pasalubong to my family and friends who want to taste even a bite of Boracay, I never forget to buy piyaya for them before we go back home.

Spending vacation in Boracay Island is one experience I will never get tired of doing all my life.  It’s one summer wonder that keeps us excitedly await for this time of the year to come. 

Join the on-going Nivea Philippines 7 Summer Wonders contest on FB and get a chance to win NIVEA Sun gift packs, Charina Sarte swimwear, SONY products or a trip for 2 to the Ultimate Summer Wonder! Just click to join and vote now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The perfect Koala's March combos for the whole year

Kids definitely know how to enjoy a snack in many different ways, especially when it is a kind of snack that has many layers to it—just like Koala’s March.

With its crunchy biscuit’s outer shell filled with rich flavorful filling that is sure to burst in your mouth, kids will definitely enjoy Koala’s March in almost any manner they want and in tandem with a lot of fun and flavorful goodies to pair it with.

Here are just some of the fun-filled combinations one can enjoy with Koala’s March. You’ll be surprised to discover that Koala’s March goes well with most of their favorite goodies!

Warm drinks. Rich and creamy hot chocolate or warm milk adds an extra dose of wholesome goodness to Koala’s March. Just a small sip, followed by a piece of Koala’s March biscuit creates a sweet, slush-like mixture in your mouth. If you’re a dunker, you can always dip it in and then drop straight into your mouth for that satisfying dose of milk-chocolatey goodness.

Ice Cream. One of the best combos for Koala’s March is to eat it with ice cream or frozen yoghurt. The thick and creamy texture of ice cream and yoghurt complements well with the biscuit’s crunchiness, as one could expect a one-of-a-kind burst of delight when the flavored filling from the biscuit mixes with the creaminess of the ice cream or yoghurt.

Chocolate syrup, Caramel or even Condensed milk. Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth than dipping Koala’s March into these delectable delights. It’s sure to be a treat for kids but of course like in all things, keep it in moderation. Remember to always brush your teeth to prevent cavities and other dental problems.

Small Berries and other sweer fruits. It may sound unusual, but Koala’s March is surprisingly good with fruits cut into small pieces. You can even glaze it with syrup if you want. It’s really worth giving it a try. And you may also do your own experiment on mixing and matching Koala’s March with other food items.

So whether it be food or drinks, these are just some of the delightful ways kids—even adults—can enjoy Koala’s March. With all the combos out there, you are sure to enjoy this tasty treat any time of the day, any time of the year. Just go ahead and be creative with your taste buds because with Koala’s March biscuits, you can never go wrong.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UNIQLO Offers Smartphone Users $1 Social Business App

Learn a new language with this app

UNIQLO announces the release of The Value of $1 Android application for smartphones on March 29, the latest initiative in its growing social business program. This initiative extends UNIQLO’s partnership with social business pioneer Grameen by offering smartphone users around the world an opportunity to support educational programs for children in Bangladesh through a single US dollar or equivalent in local currencies.

UNIQLO is a brand of Fast Retailing Co. (FR), a leading global Japanese retail holding company that designs, manufactures and sells clothing under five brands: Comptoir des Cotonniers, g.u., Princesse tam.tam, Theory, and UNIQLO. With global sales of 820 billion yen for the 2011 fiscal year ending August 31, 2011, FR is the world’s fourth largest apparel retail company and UNIQLO is Japan’s leading specialty retailer.

The Value of $1 project is based on the concept of connecting people around the world through the value of investing one US dollar. By simply purchasing The Value of $1 Android application, smartphone users can directly participate in a social business in a new way. The app supports several languages including English, Japanese, French, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and will be available to smartphone users around the world for $1 via the Android Market online store.

All the proceeds from the first 10,000* sales of the app will go towards the production of fun learning T-shirts and study booklets designed to promote literacy among children in Bangladesh. Sales of the app will enable Grameen UNIQLO to sell learning sets worth $2 for the equivalent of $1 in local currency. The entire process from manufacturing to marketing will be handled locally and any profits will be reinvested by Grameen UNIQLO into projects designed to contribute to Bangladeshi society through the local production and marketing of clothing.
Help with just one click

Smartphone users who register for the project through the app receive an electronic certificate of
participation. The certificate will track the progress of the production and marketing process giving
participants the opportunity to actually see their $1 investment at work. Users of the app can also
download a fun electronic learning aid for Bengali--the official language of Bangladesh.
The pay version of The Value of $1 app is limited to first 10,000 participants. A free version of the
app will be available for download after the project ends.

*NOTE: The app costs the equivalent of $1 US. Local currency conversion is calculated based on the exchange rates when sales of the app begin. If the local price after the exchange conversion is below the minimum price permitted on the local Android Market, the app will be priced at the lowest permitted price for that region.

For more information about The Value of $1 Android app, please visit:
Today UNIQLO has more than 1,000 stores worldwide, namely in the U.S., U.K. France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, as well as Japan. UNIQLO continues to open large-scale stores in some of the world's most important cities and locations, as part of its ongoing efforts to solidify its status as a truly global brand. UNIQLO operates an integrated business model under which it designs, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality, casual apparel in line with its ‘Made for All’ philosophy.

With a corporate statement committed to changing clothes, changing conventional wisdom and change the world, FR is dedicated to creating great clothing with new and unique value to enrich the lives of people everywhere. For more information about UNIQLO and other FR brands, please visit or