Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SNOE: A Summer Sunshine

Temperatures are rising, the asphalt is sizzling, and the sun seems fiercer than ever; it's a hot summer season. No doubt the sidewalks are clearer, people's sleeves are shorter, and umbrellas can be seen alitter. Don't be afraid of the sun, fight the fright with Snoé's latest in brilliant beauty buys.

"Did you know computers and indoor light, even cellphones emit UV radiation?" challenges Jen Diaz, co-founder of Snoé, together with Gen Gerodias. At the top of both girls' kikay kit lists is sunblock or makeup with SPF. The key being protection. Especially during these sweltering times, a little SPF goes a long way.

Try their Here Comes the Sunblock as a daily ritual, and don't forget to reapply (another important step many often forget.) The SPF 45 sunblock is fortified with bengkoang (singkamas) which also helps brighten, moisturize, and protect skin. The formulation is non-greasy and easy to apply, absolute musts for an absolute must-have. Try it with the StemCell SPF 30 five-in-one formula for the face, which also acts as a matte finish makeup base.

As Gen relates, "Sweating is inevitable. It is important to choose a non-greasy formula that would be easily absorbed, so that wearing your makeup over it would complement the skin and not be the cause of caking or creasing,” perfectly describing the S Skin StemCell.

For those even hotter days, or those inevitable beach trips, Snoé's Suntervention Serious Sun Protection is recommended. With over SPF 80, the screen is a broad spectrum block that also evens out dark spots and keeps skin supple.

Another secret: the BesoBalm, which plumps kissable lips, provides a coat of protection, soothes dryness, and even freshens your breath with hints of menthol and honey sweetness. Pair that with Snoé GlamJam in Goddess, a vitamin-enriched cheek tint/bronzer to give you a more natural sun-kissed look, without having to subject your skin to harmful rays.

Meanwhile, fun out of town adventures can sometimes spell extra stress, especially when you're preparing, packing, or even just bustling on the road for long hours. "Always pack light and organize," smiles Gen. Don't let the worry of readying for the trip hamper the excitement of the actual experience.

Besides the sunblock, Snoé offers some great-smelling body mists that help keep you cool while out in the sun, or even just as a quick pick-me-up of fragrant rejuvenation. The Scrumptious Body Spritz is a nutrient-packed mixture with a kick of antioxidants, which makes the occasional spray increasingly addicting.

To unwind and get the salty air out of your pores at night, try Happy White Ever After, Snoé's decadent massage and bath treatment oil, complete with rice bran oil to fight free radicals, almond oil to soften skin, and mulberry for brightening dark spots. The added bengkoang extracts help cool and fluff your tired skin back to life.

Sometimes, especially in the summer, prolonged sun exposure is absolutely unavoidable, but Gen chimes in with a helpful Snoé remedy: “Emu oil, açai berry, and singkamas have powerful healing

qualities when combined,” the way their Emuthology line does. “Emu oil for deep penetration, açai berry for antioxidants and vitamins to help recover from damage, and singkamas that is a whitening and anti-inflammatory agent.” For the hair, Snoé also has their Hair Heroes line, with varieties ranging from a Moroccan blend with wheat and milk proteins as well as Argan oil to revive brittle hair to a nourishing honey and olive combo that also reverses sun damage.

Thanks to their ever growing product offerings, Snoé is cementing its reputation as the country’s premium local beauty brand. A maximum attention to quality and ingredient formulation (“We don’t skimp on ingredients and use the maximum allowable percentage in our products,” says Gen.) has garnered praise from peers and customers alike. Pushing the limits further by bringing in new techniques and more active agents such as vitamin A-wealthy okra as a soothing eye cream or snail enzyme anti-aging creams, Snoé has gone beyond its colorful stores into a full-blown lifestyle of looking and feeling wonderful.

"I love cosmetics. I love the feeling you get when you find the perfect face cream, sunblock, etc. It can improve the way you look and feel and even change the outcome of your day," Jen Diaz relates. Summertime doesn't have to be a time to curse the heat when you've got the right mindset and the right set of look-good-feel-good products. The Philippines may be a tropical country, but Snoé knows how to keep it cool.

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