Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greatness Starts @Home

My son Charles is officially 3 years old today!

It’s just amazing how this little boy who once I can cuddle and carry with one arm is now a dynamo who can be a handful nowadays.  He still manages to elude me even with all my arms and feet on full throttle to chase him.

At his young age he's already shown that he’s a up to the challenges that life’s gonna offer.  He survived pneumonia when he was just 9-month old.  He convinced his doctor on Christmas eve that he is A-Okay that we were allowed to go out of the hospital after more than a week of confinement thus avoiding his first-ever Christmas to be celebrated in a hospital.

He has asthma but is always brave to battle it.  He drinks his medicines with just little arguments with us, asked for “good smoke” from the nebulizer and pray “Help me, Papa Jesus” when coughing becomes a bit intense for him.  We told him that swimming will help him conquer asthma.  Thus, he loves the water.

For a mom like me, I can consider these things as great accomplishments for such a young fellow.  I also made a list of his other top accomplishments to date:

1.    Pretend to read in his sixth month.

2.    He scored 90 while singing “Somewhere Out There” in his first try in Videoke.

3.    Finished Level 1 of  Call of Mini Zombies in iPad all by himself.

4.    Can do the Rockstar look and angst.

5.    Could be the youngest gold digger ever.

Those maybe just "cute" achievements to some but for me, they are priceless moments I am realy proud of.  I believe and hope that someday my son will be someone who can do good things that will benefit many people.  I don’t care what he'll decide to become when he grows up as long as he will be happy, productive and can bring out all the best in him.  I will support him all the way and I believe that greatness starts at home.

Tattoo@Home believes that nurturing a child’s potential can lead to achieving greater things. And what better place to start the road to greatness than at home!


  1. Happy birthday, my beloved Charliekins!!! I love you! - Auntie Lulu