Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working Moms and Call Centers

I know a lot of fellow working moms who works in a call center.
Most of them are satisfied with the salary and work experience.  One common complain that I hear from them is their schedule.  Often times, they would get night shift which would mean a great adjustment in their body clock and of course, activities with their family especially with the kids.

But year after year, more mothers are also trying their luck in entering the BPO industry.  For those looking for a career in call centers, you might want to try Stellar Philippines.

Stellar Philippines, one of the country’s fastest-rising and progressive business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, opened its newest facility located in Quezon City.

The formal opening of the new Stellar Philippines facility at the 24th Floor, MDC 100 Building, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, one of the newest and most modern buildings in the area, is part of the company’s commitment to expand further its presence in the country and also serves as a strong testament to its successful operations for the past several years.

“Being in a new location has its challenges but we are confident that with Stellar’s management and operational philosophy, we can overcome these challenges and will help us push forward to more fruitful years for the company,” declares Mr. Edmundo Macaso, Chief Executive Officer of Stellar Philippines during the opening.

The decision to open its newest facility in one of the country’s most strategic BPO sites, the Eastwood City CyberPark, was very significant, Mr. Macaso said, since the location boasts of state-of-the-art power and telecommunications facilities, the two most important factors BPO locators look for to ensure seamless operations.

“Our former location in Cubao served us well in terms of awareness among those looking for a career in the BPO industry. Now, with this new location, we are convinced that we would be able to attract even more quality talents who are willing to be part of this burgeoning industry,” adds Mr. Macaso.

Aside from power and telecommunications, the new facility in Libis is also at the center of an area that provides all amenities and necessities of life like food, recreation, nature, fitness, entertainment, and other exciting features to provide the facility an even more conducive work environment.

In the Philippines, Stellar employs more than close to 2,000 agents in its  two facilities. For next year, Mr. Macaso said they plan to hire an additional  1,000 agents as part of its expansion.

“We value our people’s work that is why we made sure that with this new facility, the quality of work by our agents, their level of expertise and of course, the overall work culture of fun and excitement, remain intact. We pride ourselves for being the global experts in customer relationship and interaction management and in delivering excellent results, and we intend to keep it that way.”

The opening of the new Stellar Philippines facility saw the company’s top executives and management personnel in full attendance, and was even made more significant with the presence of its special guest, Undersecretary Cristino Panlilio of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other government officials.

Stellar is a leading global provider of call center and BPO solutions. It operates outsourcing centers around the world manned by more than 5,000 employees that collectively manage over 300 million customer interactions and 100 million transaction processes annually.

Monday, November 14, 2011

K-O-A-L-A stands for...

Learn about the cute and playful Koala with five interesting attributes that describe just what kind of creature it is!

Though it may seem a bit odd to some, describing an animal, especially a Koala, with a human attribute such as kindness is totally justified.  Koalas are kind animals simply because they are herbivores. Big word, right? Being herbivores mean Koalas eat nothing but plants or leaves—Eucalyptus leaves to be precise. This means Koalas don't harm other animals or hurt them in any way for food. They are calm and harmless and their only weapon against aggressors is to growl. Though sometimes fierce in their own way when their safety is threatened, Koalas never hurt humans or fellow animals and pretty much keep to themselves (they prefer to live alone!) in their natural habitat.

The Koala is like no other animal in the animal kingdom. Though its slow movements are similar to the Sloth's, there is no other animal that resembles the Koala!  Koalas have pear-shaped bodies that help them maintain their balance while perching on tree limbs. Despite their plump bodies, they are excellent climbers so they can climb smooth tree trunks easily and quickly, and are also good swimmers who cross rivers to get away from floods and predators. What is even more offbeat about the Koala is that despite its climbing and swimming prowess, they move quite awkwardly on the ground.

To be aromatic means to have “a strong distinctive fragrance” and our little furry friends are extremely aromatic! No, they don't smell unpleasant. In fact, they have a very comforting smell which is the aroma of the Eucalyptus leaves they eat all day so they smell a bit on the “minty” side.

A word that may not be common to one's vocabulary, “languid” is to be “lacking in vigor and vitality.” Koalas are so languid that some people think they're lazy because they sleep so much or because they seem to move in slow motion. They certainly don’t ever seem to be in a hurry. But, there is a very good reason for such behavior: Eucalyptus leaves are low in nutrients. Even though Koalas eat a lot of them, the leaves don’t provide them with much energy. So koalas conserve their energy by moving slowly and getting plenty of sleep. Lucky Koala!

One attribute that makes this animal so amazing is its thick gray fur, which is so thick that it’s almost waterproof. Their fur changes to adapt to the different temperatures in their environment. Their woolly waterproof coats keep them warm in cold weather and dry when it rains or when seasons change and the weather warms up, they shed some of their fur to stay cool. It’s like the Koala has its own multi-purpose clothing collection, ready for any type of weather!

Given these characteristics of Koalas, it is no wonder that many people get hooked on another interesting Koala—Koala’s March biscuit snacks, that is.

Koala’s March, with all its flavor and goodness packed into small biscuit sizes, is best when shared with friends and family—and all those you love.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tokyo Cafe: Experience the best in Japanese and Western cuisine fusion

Tokyo Café, one of the fastest-rising Japanese coffee shops in the land, held a bloggers event at their SM Megamall branch yesterday.  And boy, what a great weekend tummy treat it was!

Tokyo Café let the bloggers experienced their renowned cozy ambience, unique Japanese drinks and of course, delicious first-class "fusion" food of Japanese and Western cuisine, all under the direction of a native Japanese consultant.

And since the SM Megamall is widely known as the mall that caters to the "family" in general, I observed that almost all tables in Tokyo Cafe that day where occupied by couples with their children along with relatives who all looks satisfied with Tokyo Café’s delectable gastronomic fare that has delighted many loyal customers and entice even the first-timers, like me, that they keep coming back for more.

I tried the Ten-Ju, a big serving of fried shrimp tempura with signature tempura sauce on steamed rice.  It cost only a little over Php 200 but its taste like double its price.

But what separates Tokyo Café from its competitors is that it is totally family-friendly where they can simply relax, have a good conversation, or just chill around amid the company of family, friends and love ones for great servings of food and drinks. Expect on great food and service in this first-class establishment, with its laid-back environment that is sure to cater to those who seek only the best and delightful dining experience.

This is a good dining place I recommend to fellow mommies like me. So go ask your husband for a date in one of Tokyo Cafe branches and experience the best in Japanese and Western cuisine fusion brought to you by Tokyo Café, one of the most sought after Japanese coffee shops in Metro Manila with branches in SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa the Block, Mckinley Piazza, Go Hotel, SM Megamall and NAIA 3 Terminal.

For more updates on their new promos, products and events, please their official website www.tokyocafe.com.ph and like the Tokyo Cafe Facebook fan page.  Below are their latest promo posters where some of their great offerings are featured.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Moms and Kids Spooky Treat

Mad Scientist event host Josh talks about We Luv Moms 

WeLuvMoms, a group that helps first-time, expecting or mommies of infants cope with the rigors, joys and travails of motherhood through avant-garde approaches, was at the “Sky Fun Club Spooky Science Halloween Party” held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati. As one of the sponsors, WeLuvMoms shared the gifts and values of being a mother, including information on the latest baby care products like Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles, Simplisse for breastfeeding mothers, Evenflo budget-friendly baby products, and Boon’s baby gear.

Mommy Leslie and R-Jay Javier with best Halloween costume winners daughter and son

Moms and Dads present were also pampered through a massage area and gave out more than P40,000 worth of prizes to costume contest winners like the Most Colorful Costume, Best Superhero Costume, among others, plus Dr. Brown’s bottle sets, Boon Frog pods and groovy plates, and Evenflo Funsip straw cups and Funsip Spill-Proof cups.

Mommies learning about the products that  We Luv Moms proudly promotes

For more information about WeLuvMoms, like their Facebook page and be a member to get access to private events and other freebies just by logging in at www.weluvmoms.com.  Products featured at the WeLuvMoms website and Facebook page are proud sponsors of WeLuvMoms activities, and are available at Rustan’s SM Department Stores and Babyland, and www.weemall.com, the Philippine Online Shopping Mall.