Friday, October 28, 2011

A Gift Idea for your Suplado Husbands

Is you husband a snub? Are you still thinking of a fool-proof gift for him this coming Christmas? Are you looking for something unique for a present?
If you answered positively in at least one of the three questions, a Suplado Watch is for you!
Suplado Watch is Stanley Chi’s exclusive timepiece from UniSilver Time.  This cool watch is what you get when you cross a funny writer/ cartoonist/ TV host/ stand-up comic and more with a trusted brand in timepieces and accessories.
Suplado Tips, Stanley Chi’s most recent book, is a certified best-seller that has sold thousands of copies in less than three months. Corporate giant UniSilver Time knew better than to shrug it off as a mere fad that they came out with a watch that just might become as iconic as the book that inspired it: the Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi.  It bears the very cool slogan, Suplado is the New Sexy on it's strap.

You might have notice a cute poster of Stanley in the malls that features him with the very pretty actress/ host Iya Villania chasing him in a cute way, apparently made irresistible by his Suplado Watch.
The Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi is now available at and Unisilver stores nationwide.  You can catch more suplado stuff at