Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I want to power-up my potential and improve my skills

Working as an office secretary for a private school has been an exciting journey I have trekked in the past six years.

Prior to my current job, I was a clerk in an insurance company where my career can be summarized into two words: encoding and filing.  It’s not that I never had fun in my previous company since I still cherish the great memories I shared with my former office mates.  It’s just that my work now opened a lot of great learning opportunities for me.

As a school employee, I was involved into various activities and helped me discover the many “ME”

I became a team player when I was introduced to co-workers from different departments which I get to interact everyday.

I made new friends who encouraged me to develop my talent in singing, acting and dancing and perform during school programs.

I got to try to be a risk taker and conquer goals I never thought I could accomplish.

I believe I am now a high flyer who is willing to try new things to discover what more I can learn and share.

I am so inspired with the great change I have embraced that I became a story teller as a blogger.

Today, I am happy to be someone who is excited to learn new things.  I want to try my hands to something that I haven't done before as a working mom. Even if I got used to being busy at work and at home, I still want to unlock my skill of doing multitask at any given time.

Why? Because as we all know it, life is to short. We should do things that we really want to do that we often times take for granted because we think we don't have time for it. One don't need to have super powers or to transform into a robot to be able to multitask, it's just proper time management, a keen sense of responsibility and prioritizing what are the things that need to be done soon and can be done simultaneously.

Once I master the art of multitasking, I can definitely finish my work on time and have the luxury of finally experiencing stuff from my bucket list. I know I can do it and I will definitely work on accomplishing it. I should just take my time, take a break and move towards attaining my goals.

Do you have a similar story to share? Come on share it with me and let us join the #KITKATBreakMovement.

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