Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How LOUD are you?

Loud can be defined in a lot of ways.

Loud as in a very audible sound.  It can also mean as a noise. Or if you'll describe someone as loud, that means that he or she has a strong personality.

Being is loud is, I think, one of the last adjective you can use to describe me.  I am naturally shy but of course I also have a wild side that I keep within me.

Okay, I think that's my cue for some confession time.  Well, ever since I was a child I am fond of dancing and singing.  I always join school programs and other events.  I would usually perform with either my friends or siblings.  But my "career" as an entertainer took a pause when I graduated from college and landed a job.

Well, it's a little unfortunate that I got a job working in an insurance company with most of my office mates older double than my age. For months, I was this shy girl in her table just minding her thing.

Then, my first Christmas party came.  And I did surprised everyone.  This girl whom they only hear speak when being asked for reports suddenly became this woman who sing and dance on stage.  I show them my talent and was loud that day.

Do you also have a similar story to tell.  Be loud to tell the world!  

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