Friday, December 17, 2010

Which Lenovo IdeaPad laptop are you?

If ever I'll buy a new laptop, I want to get a Lenovo IdeaPad U150.  Why? Because I feel it's like me.

1.  It has subtle design has some unique and attractive elements.  Well my husband always tell me that I am beautiful.

2. The lid, which comes in either black or red, features a hard matte surface with subtle lines and a web pattern.  I love to wear red and blck clothes.

3. The keyboard (excluding the top row) and textured touchpad share the same silver color, and the touchpad is covered with a layer of dots. I like accessories and kikay stuff.

These is just some of the reasons why I can say that I am  Lenovo IdeaPad U150!  If ever I can own one in the future, I will surely discover more similarities between me and my dream laptop 

This is my official entry to the Lenovo-PTB Great Laptop Giveaway!

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