Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Toddler

Is it true that while my son is growing, kasabay nun yung mga untog, scratches, bukol, sugat, etc... etc...???  Last Monday night  was awful.  My husband and Charles (our son)  they were watching Pororo the Little Penguin, when Charles started dancing when he heard the theme song in fron t of our television.  Maybe, because of so much excitement, he went near the tv and grabbed it!  I saw how fast Daniel was  to pull away Charles from the falling tv.  He cried when he heard us shouting.  But thank God he wasn't hurt.  Until last night, when we were both playing on our bed when I came home from work. When we got his first bukol when he bumped from the wall.  Ouch!!  He cried loud and I couldn't hide my fear when I saw his bukol!  Scared of what will happen to Charles and scared of what will his Dad Daniel tell me when he found out of the bukol.  Thank God again, coz  Daniel didn't get mad and said, that it's part of growing.  Hope it'll not happen again.  Sorry baby Charles.

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