Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waiting Baby

Often time, that at 7:00 pm, I'm at home from work,  eating dinner with my husband and our baby Charles.  It's already 7:20 pm from my watch and I'm still out with my husband.  I attend a Seminar this afternoon and it finished  at 5:00 pm when I received a message from Richard that he'll be staying until six.  Since the Seminar was held in PMAP where he works, I have no choice but to wait for him!  Oh I hope the meeting will be finished na.  For sure, Charles is looking for us na, especially his mommy!  Miss ko na baby ko!  Buti nalang dinala ko sya this morning sa Mama ko, who lives in Project 4, Quezon City with the rest of my family. Atleast, hindi lang si yaya Ghie yung kasama nya the whole day.  He enjoys naman playing with his Aunties, counsins, lolo  and lola in Project 4 e.  I hope before 8 matapos na yung meeting nila, since may pasok din ako tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Toddler

Is it true that while my son is growing, kasabay nun yung mga untog, scratches, bukol, sugat, etc... etc...???  Last Monday night  was awful.  My husband and Charles (our son)  they were watching Pororo the Little Penguin, when Charles started dancing when he heard the theme song in fron t of our television.  Maybe, because of so much excitement, he went near the tv and grabbed it!  I saw how fast Daniel was  to pull away Charles from the falling tv.  He cried when he heard us shouting.  But thank God he wasn't hurt.  Until last night, when we were both playing on our bed when I came home from work. When we got his first bukol when he bumped from the wall.  Ouch!!  He cried loud and I couldn't hide my fear when I saw his bukol!  Scared of what will happen to Charles and scared of what will his Dad Daniel tell me when he found out of the bukol.  Thank God again, coz  Daniel didn't get mad and said, that it's part of growing.  Hope it'll not happen again.  Sorry baby Charles.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Shanghai to you!

 Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  We went to Project 4 where my family (Martirez Family) lives.  We had sweet and sour Lapu-Lapu, lumpiang shanghai, and lomi for  lunch, and cakes and ice creams for merienda.

I gave my son Charles lumpia so he can eat it by himself.  And I found it nice seeing him enjoying lumpia and he eventually finished 1 roll of lumpia.  Then, we went back in our house in Pasig also to celebrate Daniel's birthday!  Wow!  Double celebration!  Dinner naman this time! Still, may lumpiang shanghai again on our table, and I noticed my little boy, eating lumpia again!!!! hahaha!

Enjoy yata sya, to hold the lumpia and eat it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

For My Hubby

I swear when I post this, my husband will call or text me to tell me NOT to buy him present for his birthday on September 5.  Sorry love, I just can't help but to think what gift  I can give you on your birthday!

Last Sunday, my husband and I  attended a seminar on how to handle our finances.  After the seminar,  we both agreed that we should save our income and help each other save for the future of our son, Charles. 

But, I think, buying gift for my husband is fine -- since birthday comes only once a year, right?  Don't worry love,  pinag-ipunan ko naman 'to, dahil gusto ko na may regalo kami ni Charles sa'yo on your birthday!  So, I hope you'll appreciate  whatever gift  that you will receive from us!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who wants to be a model?

I remember when I was young, I used to cut cartoon strips from newspapers especially the one I find very amusing.

Then I heard about the Larry Alcala Collection of Solo where works of the great cartoonist are printed on Solo's line of apparel from blouses to polo shirts to shorts and leggins and other unique products.

My favorite among the collection is the Ladies dress with printed purple laces from a child playing an improvised toy phone.

Btw, in case you don't know, Solo has an online model search for those who feel like they have what it takes to be the face of Solo.  It's easy to join, just wear one of Larry Alcala's items in your submission entry with the creative use of graphic elements available at and submit it!

Anyone registering on the site can vote. Have fun looking at all the entries and the comments posted about each entry. Vote and post your own comments too! The winners win cash and product prizes and will grace the walls of all Solo stores in the next campaign shoot. Contest starts August 22 until November 15. Join now and tell you friends about it!

This pop collection will surely got us all hooked! To view the entire Men's collection, click HERE and Ladies' collection, click HERE.

Join Solo fan page in Facebook, search for “Solo Online” and Twitter


Children love birthday parties.  Whether it’s their own bash or it’s for a friend, they are more than happy to be part of it.  Kids will never get tired playing games or singing the birthday song the whole afternoon.  Any youngster would love to help the birthday celebrant blow the candles on the cake because for them, it’s their day!  It’s their most favorite time of the year.

How I wish I also felt the same excitement for my birthday when I was a child.  But no matter what I do, it is forever a fact that my dear sister Lala passed away on my 9th birthday.

After that day, celebrating my birthdays was never the same again.  Sure, we never forget to attend mass for my “special” day every year but the day also reminds us of the unfortunate day Ate left us on a very young age.

That’s why sometimes celebrating my birthday doesn’t sound that much fun for me.  But everything changed after 20 years when God gave me a very special gift that would give me a great reason to remember my birthday.

After a failed pregnancy three years ago, I successfully gave birth to my son Charles a month before my 29th birthday in 2009.  My husband and I already agreed that we will have his baptism after a month.  We are not really sure about the date but the only available schedule at Sta. Clara de Monte Falco in Pasig City on the time we inquired was April 19--- my birthday.

And so it happened.  My son was welcomed to the Christian world on a date that we now considered as also “the day Ate Lala was welcomed back to heaven”

After 20 years, I felt like a kid again looking forward for my birthdays in the coming years.  Isa itong malaking pagbabago sa buhay ko!  This wonderful change came through a blessing we now fondly call “Charlikins” who gives us a reason to celebrate life everyday!

Incidentally, a “friend” who has been with us in every life’s celebration is undergoing a big change.   Goldilocks has been part of the Filipino life in the past 44 years and the good news is despite of the it's recent "Pagbabago"--- new fresh and modern look we now see every time we visit their shops--- it still retains the unique Pinoy flavor that we all grew to love.