Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Children love birthday parties.  Whether it’s their own bash or it’s for a friend, they are more than happy to be part of it.  Kids will never get tired playing games or singing the birthday song the whole afternoon.  Any youngster would love to help the birthday celebrant blow the candles on the cake because for them, it’s their day!  It’s their most favorite time of the year.

How I wish I also felt the same excitement for my birthday when I was a child.  But no matter what I do, it is forever a fact that my dear sister Lala passed away on my 9th birthday.

After that day, celebrating my birthdays was never the same again.  Sure, we never forget to attend mass for my “special” day every year but the day also reminds us of the unfortunate day Ate left us on a very young age.

That’s why sometimes celebrating my birthday doesn’t sound that much fun for me.  But everything changed after 20 years when God gave me a very special gift that would give me a great reason to remember my birthday.

After a failed pregnancy three years ago, I successfully gave birth to my son Charles a month before my 29th birthday in 2009.  My husband and I already agreed that we will have his baptism after a month.  We are not really sure about the date but the only available schedule at Sta. Clara de Monte Falco in Pasig City on the time we inquired was April 19--- my birthday.

And so it happened.  My son was welcomed to the Christian world on a date that we now considered as also “the day Ate Lala was welcomed back to heaven”

After 20 years, I felt like a kid again looking forward for my birthdays in the coming years.  Isa itong malaking pagbabago sa buhay ko!  This wonderful change came through a blessing we now fondly call “Charlikins” who gives us a reason to celebrate life everyday!

Incidentally, a “friend” who has been with us in every life’s celebration is undergoing a big change.   Goldilocks has been part of the Filipino life in the past 44 years and the good news is despite of the it's recent "Pagbabago"--- new fresh and modern look we now see every time we visit their shops--- it still retains the unique Pinoy flavor that we all grew to love.

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