Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Time Mom

My baby Charles just woke up!

Hi everyone!  It's my first time to be a blogger and i really don't know what to write.  Good thing my husband's here beside me and with all his patience from my non-stop questions and pangungulit about blogging,  I was able to create my very own site and .... vhoooala!!  yehey!  GOT MY OWN BLOG!!!   Thank you, Love!

Anyway, welcome to Kuwentong Ina.  For my first post, I'll be writing about my one year old baby Charles Anthony.    He's asleep now and soon he'll be awake na. He sleeps like 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon.  I'm thinking what to give him for his merienda later since he eats little palang for snacks.  Maybe, biscuits (Marie nanaman?!?!Ok lang, favorite nya eh!  Hot cakes or avocado salad, since he loves avocado!

I think I'm stopping for awhile.   Charles just woke up.  Time to give his merienda --- Marie?  Hotcake or Avocado?  What do you think?

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