Monday, December 11, 2017


How do you make yourself noticeable in a room full of magic and grandeur?

To be your best self isn’t enough. There must always be something that can help you feel more youthful and more beautiful than the rest. Which is why FINE Japan Ltd. has produced one product that helps let your natural beauty shine through and stand out — HyC 150.


HyC 150 is the confidence booster one needs especially in glamour events like the 6th Philippine Wedding Industry Ball. It is definitely the key to shine during a great night! At the celebration of the wedding industry makers of the country, FINE Japan’s HyC 150 gifted three lucky guests with products to make them feel young and beautiful.

A youthful glow, flawless look and unwavering confidence allows a woman to stand out. And HyC 150 has the ingredients that helps women achieve this. Premium HyC 150 is a supplemental drink that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol and fortified with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. This mix of ingredients helps delay the signs of aging. A woman’s confidence is boosted with healthier, younger and glowing skin.

With the theme, HAVANA, La Fabulosa Noche de la Gala, the 6th Philippine Wedding Industry Ball was held last November 6 at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort and Casino. It is an annual gathering of all movers in the wedding industry for a wonderful night of gathering and fun.

HyC 150 promotes itself to help Filipinas be their best selves during weddings, balls and celebrations such as this. As a testament to its quality, HyC 150 is a recipient of the Monde Selection award — a global achievement proving the ability of HyC150’s mix of ingredients to help make you fit, fab and help achieve young and beautifully-glowing, naturally-maintained skin.

FINE Japan’s HyC150 contains a high amount of hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate the skin and lubricate the joints and eye tissues. Hyaluronic acid helps regenerate gums and keep teeth strong and healthy. This type of acid found inside HyC 150 aids to hydrate the layers of the scalp deeply therefore giving the much-needed nourishment to keep hair strong and lustrous. It even helps heal wounds faster.

The protein that HyC 150 contains can help replenish the amount of collagen produced in our body which eventually supports the muscle, skin and bones.

Thanks to its pearl coix powder component, HyC 150 can help give you that youthful glow and healthier skin, nails and hair. More so, it has anti-allergy properties that help the body. Aside from that, ubiquinol is also present in HyC 150. This component protects the internal organs of the body. HyC150 also contains vitamin C which is needed to strengthen our immune system and protect us from the harmful environment.

These components simply help you maintain that vigor, beauty and youthfulness even in stressful times of prepping yourself for a wedding or a banquet. HyC 150 helps you stand out from the rest in a room full of people. It makes you feel like a star – shining bright as you walk down the aisle.

With just one sachet at only P125 added to water or your favorite drink, it is easy to bring and consume. You’re good to go and conquer the world with your forever partner holding your hand beside you.

HyC 150 is distributed in the Philippines by Bright Ray Enterprises. For more information, visit; like us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02) 546-7297, (02) 861-6298, or 0917-7750779. Available at leading drugstores nationwide, online at Lazada ( , or its own online store with free delivery nationwide.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Is your child a brat? Here’s how to deal with it

Parents know all too well how difficult it is to deal with a child’s tantrums. When a child reaches pre-schooler age, this problematic behaviour comes out and parents, not really knowing what to do, just grin and bear it, and just basically brace for the inevitable.       

Children can often display “bratty” behaviour either towards their parents or other people because they cannot properly articulate their feelings yet or struggle with handling their emotions.

At this age, behaviour regulation, or the ability to use self-control to behave in socially acceptable ways is not well developed yet. This can manifest as tantrums and are sometimes triggered by an outburst of emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, and irritability.

To avoid these behaviours among pre-schoolers, parents should learn how to develop and nurture their child’s emotional intelligence by teaching them how to better understand and control their emotions.

In his book entitled, “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child; The Heart of Parenting,” Dr. John Gottman offers tips on howparents can better deal with their child’s emotional outbursts.

He advises parents to become more aware of their child’s emotions. The first step to improving their behaviour is to recognize that there is an array of feelings that a child has to deal with, such as disappointment or anger, which they might not be able to completely understand yet, or know how to handle.

Parents should also be more observant and listen to what their child is trying to say or express. They should be able to validate their child’s emotions, empathizing with them, and making them understand that what they are feeling is normal.

Dr. Gottman further recommends helping the child to find the words that best identifies what they are feeling. Labelling these correctly can help them better deal with their emotions. It likewise helps the parents themselves be more aware of what their child is going through.

Aside from a parent’s guidance, proper nutrition plays a vital role towards developing a pre-schooler’s emotional intelligence or more commonly known as “EQ”. 

A recent breakthrough in pediatric nutrition is the milk fat globule membrane or MFGM. It is the milk fat’s coating which contains life-enhancing components. MFGM supports a child’s IQ development and is clinically proven to improve behavioural regulation among children.

A study[1] conducted by Genevieve Veereman-Wauters established that children who consumed formula enriched with MFGM demonstrated significantly improved parent-reported scores for behavioral regulation compared to children receiving control formula without MFGM enrichment.

But what’s really exciting experts is that for the first time in history, MFGM can be extracted from cow’s milk and added to a children’s milk formula: only in Enfagrow A+ Four. 

Given the most recent advances in pediatric nutrition, parents can now make healthier choices for their children, enabling and empowering them to better understand their child’s “bratty” behaviour, and knowing that they now can do something about it.

Christmas Gift guide: Huawei phones you can buy under 20k

Watching videos, social media, browsing, photos – we always have something to do with our phones!  If you’re still attached to your outdated device but thinking of letting go anytime soon, this Christmas season may be a perfect time to upgrade your phone.  With so many options to choose from, we narrowed down your choices to the best ones that will fit your budget and serve you well – depending on the functionality you need.  This season, try these Huawei phones as a gift to yourself!

Huawei Nova 2i: if you’re looking for superb display.

With a 5.9-inch screen and a slim, elegant design, Huawei Nova 2i is easy to carry as you watch your favorite series and other fun videos, or view photos on your device.  Its FHD+ resolution screen transforms social media, reading books, playing games, and web browsing.  Priced for only Php14,990, the phone’s 4GB RAM with 64GB internal memory can run multiple tasks efficiently.  Plus, its quad camera setup (2 front, 2 rear) can effortlessly render and detect the depth-of-field of your photos.

Huawei GR5: if you’re a fun-seeker

This stylish 5.5-inch phone has an octa-core processor that delivers balanced performance with high speed processing power.  Huawei GR5’s 13MP camera makes it an essential tool for keeping track of all the colorful moments in your life, and with its special filters that can enhance the tiniest details to keep it realistic, you won’t miss a second in your life.  With its low energy consumption, you can efficiently manage tasks and entertain yourself without having to recharge every once in a while.  Priced at Php11,990, you can get this perfect companion for your life’s adventures. 

Huawei Y7 Prime: if you’re a multitasker

The HUAWEI Y7 Prime’s speedy Octa-core CPU and 3GB RAM allows you to run more apps at once so you can enjoy your entertainment needs or keep your tasks running smoothly… or both!  Its 32GB that’s expandable up to 128GB gives you the freedom to save all your files on-the-go – all in this 5.5-inch device.  With its all-new fingerprint sensor, the Y7 Prime lets you unlock your phone quickly, offering you a fast, secure, and convenient experience.  Its 12MP camera comes with a special feature that lets you take quality photos under any lighting condition.  The design of Y7 Prime makes it a stylish companion for all your multitasking needs, all for the price of Php9,990.
Upgrading your phone may be the last thing on your mind if you have a tight budget, but you’re in luck – they’re all under 20k.  And Home Credit can make them even more affordable for you: even without a credit card, you can pay for it in 6 or 9 month-installments, at 0% interest.

If your phone has served its purpose and is now giving up on you, time to let go!  And you need a prize for sticking with it through thick and thin.  Reward yourself this Christmas with the upgrade you deserve.  It’s easy on your budget, you can even give it as a gift to your family, friend, or that special someone!