Friday, March 16, 2018

Marian Rivera Dantes: Be a Prime Mom with Mega Prime products

Mega Prime ambassador and GMA 7 Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Dantes during the launched of Prime Mom Club at Prime Hotel in Quezon City yesterday.
Mega Prime Quality, a brand known for canned vegetables like mushrooms, whole corn kernel, and other world-class food products, launched its Prime Mom Club yesterday that aims to help new moms and homemakers when it comes to balancing activity at home with the family, whipping up a delicious meal, while having some quality time for themselves also.

As the Mega Prime ambassador, popular actress actress Marian Rivera Dantes was the first-ever member of Prime Mom Club. There are a lot of perks as a member such as being a part of Mega Prime Exclusive events, a Special Prime Mom Club ID, receiving monthly newsletter with recipes and other exciting home tips, and much, much more.

Prime Mom Club is open to all moms between the ages of 25-35 years old who are keen to meet newbie moms like themselves and learn about stuff in the kitchen, tips, and other home topics.

“Marian is the perfect example of a prime mom- she is family oriented, inherently smart. always resourceful and above all, endowed with a beautiful soul. She knows how to juggle the demands of her chosen career and raising a loving family- attributes which she has clearly shown as a brand endorser of Mega Prime. As we celebrate Women’s Month, we would like to inspire mothers to emulate Marian’s example by partnering with her again as we launch the Prime Mom Club. In doing so, we hope to be a partner of mothers as they prepare delicious, nutritious meals for their families,” says Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Prime Global Corporation.

Aside from canned vegetables, Mega Prime Quality also added Garbanzos, canned fruits and preserves: fruit cocktail, peach halves and nata de coco to its line of products.

“Sobrang excited ako na kasama ako sa Prime Mom Club. For me kasi, it’s important for us first time moms to connect, share our experiences and learn from each other. Gusto kong i-share yung mga alam ko lalo na sa kusina at masaya kasing mag-try ng recipes na nag work for other mommies. I really hope na madaming mommies ang sumali sa Prime Mom Club,” says Marian Rivera.

With Prime Mom Club and Mega Prime’s new products, whipping up nutritious, great tasting meals for the family has become quick, easy and fun.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Chooks-to-Go reunites families through new campaign

Chooks-to-Go, a home-grown roasted chicken brand that captured the Filipino palate, is introducing this year a new campaign that reinforces what Chooks-to-Go is— a brand whose success is attributed to hard work.
The new campaign, tagged as Sarap ng Pagsisikap, highlights and compares the journey to success of Chooks-to-Go and a common Filipino.

“Our brand’s story can be likened to a story of a common Filipino. Despite the hardships and challenges, we always strive to give the best to the consumers, just like a parent who moves heaven and earth for his loved ones. With this campaign, we want to underscore that what makes achievements and success more meaningful is the amount of hard work put in it and that there is no greater reward than seeing the family together,” said Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. President and General Manager Ronald R. MascariƱas.

Chooks-to-Go started as a small player in the roasted chicken industry. In less than a decade, through hard work and dedication of the people behind it, the brand has become the market leader and is now known nationwide as the litson manok that is masarap kahit walang sauce.

To kick-off the campaign, Chooks-to-Go came up with a heart-warming video that features overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), modern-day heroes and personification of hard work.

“A story of an OFW is something that is very close to home. Filipinos are naturally family-oriented, and one doesn’t need to be an OFW or have a relative who is an OFW to understand how they feel, especially during important occasions. Their stories can be anybody’s stories,” said MascariƱas.

Chooks-to-Go sifted through its Facebook page to look for loyal fans deserving of a simple yet meaningful reunion with their families. The plan was they will surprise their families, but they did not know that Chooks-to-Go, together with their families, whipped up a surprise welcome back party for them.

The brand chose three OFWs who have been away for a long time and haven’t spent quality time with their families. They are DenDen Sevilla, a domestic helper in Saudi; Leo Poliquit, a warehouse assistant in Dubai; and Nene Tongol, a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Since Chooks-to-Go was launched in 2007, it has been a loyal brand to the Filipinos – from being the ‘di basta-bastang ulam na uwi to being the nag-iisang manok ng bayan and lead backer of Gilas Pilipinas.
With the launch of Sarap ng Pagsisikap, Chooks-to-Go hopes to honor and empower more Filipinos who embody the same spirit of hard work and determination.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

REAP: Developing a new crop of Filipino educators

A professional training company aims to take learning to greater heights by developing the skills of 21st century Filipino educators.

Called the Resource for Educators and Academic Professionals (REAP), it is now geared to spread its programs to the rest of the Philippines. It was first launched in 2016.

"The main drive of REAP is teacher development because as we all know, the success of the students of the nation depends on them. We want REAP to be the partners of educators in nation building," said Danda Crimelda Buhain, REAP co-founder.
REAP Co-Founder Danda Crimelda Buhain
“Before, educators, with the support of their sponsor schools, have to go abroad to the United States, Canada or Europe to undergo further training. With REAP, we are making training opportunities accessible for teachers to learn more about their craft. Now they won't need to go overseas,” the REAP co-founder.

To help produce high caliber educators with contemporary teaching concepts, a modern REAP center in Quezon City was set up. It is complete with facilities so that educators from the teaching industry, local governments, and public and private school organizations can undergo customized training.

"Early on, most of our clients comes from the private schools. Now, we are looking to expand further to public schools because that's where majority of Filipino students are enrolled. We also hope to get the support of LGU units to make REAP more successful, by sponsoring public school educators avail of our programs," said Buhain.

A team composed of highly-qualified resource persons with vast experiences in various fields of education are employed by REAP to facilitate teaching courses. These include, among other, Creative Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management for the 21st Century Educator, Integrating Technology in Teaching, Basic Concepts of Differentiated Instruction, Design Thinking for Educators, Outcomes Based Education with Spady (Father of OBE) and Uy, a partner of REAP.

Through these specialized courses, REAP visualizes a creation of a nation founded firmly on quality.

"These set of trainings will certainly help our teachers, especially now, with the implementation of the K to 12 program. We need to plug the holes in the teaching methodologies. Our real objective is to help the teachers, so they can maximize their potentials in teaching our kids and better prepare them to build tomorrow's nation" explained Buhain.

REAP is in partnership with REX Publishing and Spady & Uy, the ground breaker of Outcome-Based Education.